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  1. valeritta

    Do you ever feel guilt?

    This is probably a little late to reply , but this is the biggest reason i started my little business, having four kids there wasn't much "extra" money for my habits. I starting looking in thrift shops, garage sales, etc for yarn, patterns, any crafting items. Its surprising how many people buy all the material, yarn, supplies for crafts and then decide to get rid of them. I have even taken 100 percent wool sweaters apart to reuse the wool, or just felt the sweater and make something with that. Hey sometimes it doesn't alway work but when you only pay a few cents for it, it doesn't hurt so bad.
  2. Loads of patterns for sale i also have some free patterns on there =) Please let me know how i can improve the site. http://www.buggsbooks.com
  3. valeritta

    Bag Holder

    this would be a great christmas gift!
  4. valeritta

    Seeking the Canadians... eh?

    hi there, i'm here on vancouver island, british columbia =)
  5. valeritta

    List Your Blog Here

    Here is mine! http://www.buggsbooks.blogspot.com/
  6. valeritta

    Hubby's Nightstand Trashcan

    I love this and its perfect i'm thinking of a his and hers =)
  7. valeritta

    Peedly Deedly..(ami)

    amigurumi and felt go soooo well together. To Cute!
  8. valeritta

    Pirate Piggie Hat/Mask

    oooo to cute i have to have one!
  9. valeritta

    Devil's Horns Hair Clips

    thanks for the pattern my daughter will love these!
  10. valeritta

    Dish Washing Thingy

    Wonderful Idea i will definately be making one of these!
  11. valeritta

    Honey Cat...ami..

    Really cute!