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  1. I've been trying to stock up myself - I got some random bits on Ebay, but I ran across this site the other day - they have all types - 7ct, 10ct, 14ct, shapes, extra-stiff, soft, etc & their prices seem reasonable to me. http://www.everythingplasticcanvas.com/
  2. Thanks! It's "I Love This Yarn Stripes" from Hobby Lobby (ordered online - no nearby HL in my area) Color is "Sugarplum Stripe" ETA: Oh, and I gave my neighbor the purse the next day after I posted this --- she just loved it & when she came by today to tell me good-bye before they hit the road, she commented about it again, how much she liked it. So that made me feel really good -- she's been such a kind neighbor so I'm glad I was able to do a little something for her.
  3. I know what you mean -- the lining worried me too! But Kel's instructions are brilliant. If you can cut out a simple rectangle of fabric, and can fold a few simple pleats in the ends - it's SO much easier than I would have ever imagined. Believe me, if I could whip through the lining with no problem at all, so can you! I was truly surprised at how easy it was, following her instructions. Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I really love this pattern -- I've got about 4 more of these crocheted up, got my fabric cut & ready to go.
  4. I'll second Nikkidear's mention of CR's Crafts - they are strictly a doll-and-bear-making supply site, so they have a lot more than most 'general-crafts' shops do. I go through a LOT of eyes/noses, and their prices are the best I've found. Lots of sizes, colors, etc. Lately I've been playing around a little bit with buying the clear eyes & painting them myself - that's fun in itself! LOL! But they do have a great selection of sizes & ship very quickly. I've looked at Suncatcher's before - she certainly does have beautiful choices & does a gorgeous job with her eyes! But for my personal usage, I need to buy in large quantities & keep my cost down (most of my stuffies are for charity), so I just stick with the big bulk packs from CR's.
  5. It's the "Fat Bottom Bag" from the 'Stitch n Bitch Happy Hooker' book by Debbie Stoller. I followed Kel's great instructions on lining the bag, which are at: http://crochetkel.blogspot.com/2006/10/sew-you-wanna-line-your-fat-bottom-bag.html
  6. I know - everyone was making these long ago -- but I just now got around to trying one.... I've been making gifts for my snowbird neighbors before they go back up north. My one neighbor asked for a purse & picked out this yarn - so here was the finished bag. It's fully lined & has a button flap for closure.
  7. If I'm reading this correctly, you're adding additional stitches where there shouldn't be any. When you are finished with the first round, you should have four groups of 4 dc next to each other, separated by the ch 2's. I think the problem is, you are repeating that initial "3 dc". IMO, that line is written in a confusing manner because of the extra brackets around the entire thing - I don't believe that that '3 dc' part is supposed to be repeated. But, if I'm interpreting the pattern correctly, here is what should be happening: You are doing only *3* dc at first, because your initial "chain 3" counts as a dc. So, the ch-3 plus that 3 dc that is written at the beginning gives you your first group of 4 dc. Then you do the part in parenthesis -- the ch 2, 4 dc a total of 3 times. When done with that round, you'll have four little groups of 4 dc's (again, that is counting your beginning ch-3 as the very first dc of the lot). That should "fit" a lot better than four groups of seven dc's! It sounds like the beginning of a granny square type design? Hope this helps!!! ETA: I just looked at their photo & pattern --- it is indeed four groups of 4dc (not 7dc!)-- I still think they wrote that line a bit oddly -- it does make it seem as if the initial '3dc' is part of a repeat, when it's not. Edit again to add - LOL, it's late..... I wish you were just a bit closer to me!!! Or I wish that I could make a run down to Ft Myers - would love to visit that area again... (I'm in central FL - Dundee) I *need* someone to show me knitting -- I think I've watched every video on YouTube a hundred times, have bazillion books & tutorials, and I just can't get it. Maybe if I actually sat down with someone, *maybe* they could somehow get my hands & brain working together to coordinate those two miserable pointy sticks!!! LOL! I could help you crocheting & you could help me knit.... we're just a bit too far apart! But if you are ever up this way for any reason, feel free to get in touch with me!
  8. OMG, that is gorgeous!!!! I've been wanting to get started on embellishing a purse/bag - but have had so many other projects going, that I haven't gotten started yet. Your work is certainly an inspiration! I could only dream of having something turn out so beautiful!
  9. I'm in Dundee, which is a tiny little town in between Winter Haven & Lake Wales. I grew up in Orlando - but whew - it was a totally different world then. (LOL, I'm 51, so have seen massive changes in FL during my life.....) Grannyscrochet, you're just right down the road from me!
  10. Those are wonderful! What lucky FB friends, to get such generous gifts from you!
  11. That's true -- and *IF* they are mostly all patterns that you genuinely love & will actually use, then it's a good deal. Just in my own personal experience though, I would get a book with 50 patterns in it - but I really only *loved* a few of them. Maybe I thought I liked some of the rest - but over the years, I realized that the percentage of patterns I actually *used* was only a small portion of the book/magazine. It makes me think of the cable TV packaging --- "get 899 channels for $X.xx!!!" Sounds really good - but if 879 of those channels are stuff you'll never watch........ I'm all with you though - on buying a book for techniques! (and it just happening to have some patterns in it, to boot.) I bought the book for the *lesson*, not for the patterns - the patterns are just a little bonus, IMO.
  12. ] I totally agree w/ Kathy --- there are those people who will pay & those who won't. Kathy also confirmed my feelings that 'underpriced for volume selling' isn't going to work all that well with a 'non-essential' item like crochet patterns. If you were selling necessities like milk & butter, underpricing might work wonders, but I think if someone really wants your pattern, they'll pay a reasonable price. And would you really feel good about selling your hard work at a dollar or two a pop? If you do feel you have set your price too high, it's much easier to drop your price at a later date (or have sales or specials), if you change your mind, than to regret under-pricing it & try to raise the price. One thing you may not know about Paypal -- if you are going to be primarily selling patterns & other items priced under $20, you might want to switch your account over to the "micropayment" plan. For lower-priced items, this can make a bit of difference on your fees. If you are also selling other higher-priced items (over $20), then it probably won't help - but it can make a nice cut in the amount you pay to Paypal if you're just selling lower-priced items. Before you make a final decision on your prices, go through & carefully add up all the various little fees you're paying - hosting, etsy, ravelry, paypal, whatever may apply -- as Kathy said, it DOES all add up to be more than you may initially think! It's been interesting to read this discussion. My personal feelings about acquiring patterns are a bit different than some folks. I very rarely buy books of patterns or even magazines anymore. I'd end up with a small handful of patterns I really loved, a pile that I *thought* I might do someday (and never did) and tons of stuff I didn't have any use for at all. I used to have an entire large 6-shelf bookcase stuffed full of books & magazines. And when I wanted a specific pattern, I had to dig around to find it, even though I *tried* to keep things indexed & cataloged as best I could. Other than maybe 15 or so favorites, I dumped it all, prior to our last move. Plus, since I got my Nook, I don't want to drag books around with me - I just load up my PDF's on my Nook. (e-reader, similar to Kindle) Just for my own tastes, I've found patterns I LOVED online, much more so than what I find in most books these days. When/if I do buy a book, it's usually for learning a new technique, or a stitch dictionary, etc. I can't really recall the last time I ever bought a book, just for the patterns. One factor that plays a significant part in my decision to buy almost entirely single patterns online, directly from the designers, is the compensation to the designer themselves. With a printed book, the bulk of the profit is going to the publisher, from what I understand. The designer(s) only end up with a rather small cut. But, if I buy a pattern directly from a designer online, *she/he* is getting most of the money, not some big publishing company. Independent designers deserve our support. If given the choice between spending $10 on 2 individual PDF patterns that I love --- or spending $10 on a book that contains maybe 2 or 3 patterns I like -- I'll go with the indie designer every time. And probably end up with some really cool patterns that are much more unique than the ones in the book.
  13. (Just IMO, you should have included higher options in your poll! I pretty much agree with Nicole. It depends on what type of item the pattern is for, and how complex it is. I don't have a problem paying for good patterns, I know how much work goes into designing the pattern itself, and then also into creating a good quality pdf w/ photos or charts etc. Just from my own personal experience, it seems that app. $5 seems to be what I usually end up spending on individual patterns, but I have bought a few at $7, $8 or more.
  14. wow, you did a gorgeous job on those - especially for using "kiddie clay"!!! Are you going to make more now w/ a oven-bake clay, so that you can keep them permanently? You should! Absolutely beautiful!!!!! (remembering my first attempt at roses w/ fimo -- LOL, they got "re-smooshed" a dozen times over before I finally was happy enough with them to even think about hardening them.... I don't think I ever got my petals quite as delicate & fine as you did!)
  15. Oh, but Kitty --- didn't you know the inverse stash/diet rule? For every 5 skeins of yarn added to your stash, your weight will go *down* by a pound? So, if you need to lose 10 pounds, you are allowed to buy up to 50 skeins of yarn with no guilt!! (Silly, I know....) but hey, it sounds as good a reason as any to buy more yarn! --- says another incurable yarn hoarder, who will NOT look at Smileys or Ice yarns one more time this month, no I won't, no I won't....... ETA -- for those who have tried it, is there a noticable difference between the RH "Super Soft" and the existing "RH Soft" line that's been out there for a while already? Or is it just the skein size? (Maybe they call it 'super' because it's a big skein? or is the yarn itself different?)
  16. Finish my Ravelry queue??? :lol:lol:lol:lol:lol:lol Maybe in my next lifetime! I add at least 6 things to the queue, for every one that I might finish! I'm totally hopeless!!! I have gotten a few items done lately, though I want to make more of some of them.... Pattern credits - "Owlets" by Brigette Reed - she & June Gilbank are probably my most favorite designers out there - love their stuff!!! The Angry Birds cardinal is by Karla Fitch, I still have the pig, goldfinch & bluebird to do. My 'loony lovebird' is based on Nancy Anderson's "Babe Chick Living La Vida Loca". Apple is from June Gilbank, Banana from Barbara S., and carrot is my own. I'm making a basket of "play food" to go to the kids playroom at the hospice center.
  17. I used to make pom-poms using the disc method -- it works out nicely & I didn't have any problems with it. BUT, then I got one of the Clover pom-pom makers & totally fell in love with it. Like Mary, I had to end up getting every size available I'll never go back to making pom-poms the other way now. Same thing for the Clover yo-yo makers - indispensable little gadgets !!! If you don't have a discount coupon for one of the retail stores, there are a couple ebay dealers that carry all the Clover gadgets & sell them lower than normal retail - and have free shipping to boot. That's where I got most of mine.
  18. I might try to jump in with you! I've got a dozen different projects going on right now, but what's one more, huh? If you look at my Ravelry projects, you'll see the beginnings of a freeform wall hanging I started some time back - it ended up getting lost during our last move *sniffle* but it was starting to come together kinda cool, I thought. I may end up trying to start another one in the same theme again..... So - if you don't mind someone who may be a bit slow in posting updates, I'm all game for this!
  19. Thanks everyone. I'm still looking & *hoping* to find a "G" somewhere. I did get lucky & ran into a lady at Ravelry who had an "I" and "J" that she was willing to sell. Not quite the same style as mine, but still very nice. Now, if only I could find that elusive "G"....... I know he hasn't been on Ebay for a while. He did have a shop going over on Etsy, but it seems that he's disappeared suddenly. I can't find anything at all about him anywhere now, and even his email address is coming back rejected. I hope nothing happened to he or his wife.
  20. Very pretty!!!! I love it! And what a great idea for using up tidbits of yarn!
  21. I was fortunate enough to buy a set of various wood hooks from another CrochetVille member a few years ago. Included were two GrayDog hooks, an "H" and an "M" (from what I can tell w/ my guage) These particular hooks don't have a lot of ornate turnings or ornamentation - they DO have a flattened thumbrest area. I would *LOVE* to get more GrayDogs, hopefully in this style - especially a "G". If anyone happens to have any that they would be willing to sell, I'd love to hear from you! This is a photo of my beloved "H" Graydog -- you can't really see the thumbrest area in this photo,but apparently, he did hooks in different sizes in this "style" so maybe you'll recognize it, if you have a hook like this... I'm not so concerned about color or type of wood - it's the overall shape/design of the hook that I love the most - although of course the wood is gorgeous! I know these hooks can be a bit pricey -- willing to pay for it, if I can find what I'm after. If you have other Graydog's, I might be interested in them also, even if they are a different style than this one -- but it's this style that I am especially eager to get, as both of my hooks right now are just like this & they are pure bliss to use.
  22. Thank you again to everyone who contacted me about yarn! I think I have enough to last me for quite a while now, and I really do appreciate all the great bargains and the generous donations I've received! (LOL - as much as a packrat as I am, I never thought I'd say 'I have enough yarn' - but my living room is piled with yarn & I think I have enough to crochet bears for the next year now!) Thank you again so much, everyone -- "crochet therapy" has been the most helpful thing I've found yet, to try to get through this awful time. And knowing that my little bears are making others happy is a great help too! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!! hugs, Nickie
  23. Thanks so very much, Lori!!! PM on it's way
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