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  1. Thank you so much! Yes, they look wonderful -- but sigh... that 6" length is the problem for me... I might buy one single one, just to try it, but I really wish there were more 7" hooks out there - that extra inch of length really can make a difference in comfort! Thank you so much for checking the hooks for me!!
  2. Are these the "Dreamz" hooks you're talking about? Can anyone tell me how *long* the hooks are? I've looked here & there and can't seem to find that information anywhere. I have a couple incredible wood hooks (Greydogs, not available any longer) that are 7" long, and are just the perfect size for me. It's gotten to where I hate dropping back to using my 'normal' 6" hooks - they seem to poke the edge of my hand, but I only have a couple sizes in my "good" hooks.. If I could find more 7" hooks that were comfortable to use (and I love wood!), I'd probably never touch another aluminu
  3. Thanks! It's "I Love This Yarn Stripes" from Hobby Lobby (ordered online - no nearby HL in my area) Color is "Sugarplum Stripe" ETA: Oh, and I gave my neighbor the purse the next day after I posted this --- she just loved it & when she came by today to tell me good-bye before they hit the road, she commented about it again, how much she liked it. So that made me feel really good -- she's been such a kind neighbor so I'm glad I was able to do a little something for her.
  4. I know what you mean -- the lining worried me too! But Kel's instructions are brilliant. If you can cut out a simple rectangle of fabric, and can fold a few simple pleats in the ends - it's SO much easier than I would have ever imagined. Believe me, if I could whip through the lining with no problem at all, so can you! I was truly surprised at how easy it was, following her instructions. Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I really love this pattern -- I've got about 4 more of these crocheted up, got my fabric cut & ready to go.
  5. It's the "Fat Bottom Bag" from the 'Stitch n Bitch Happy Hooker' book by Debbie Stoller. I followed Kel's great instructions on lining the bag, which are at: http://crochetkel.blogspot.com/2006/10/sew-you-wanna-line-your-fat-bottom-bag.html
  6. I know - everyone was making these long ago -- but I just now got around to trying one.... I've been making gifts for my snowbird neighbors before they go back up north. My one neighbor asked for a purse & picked out this yarn - so here was the finished bag. It's fully lined & has a button flap for closure.
  7. Over on the Peaches & Creme forum, the lady who worked at Pisgah for years says that she was told that Spinrite was discontinuing the double-worsted. It's a shame, if that's true - as no one else makes a double-worsted cotton. It doesn't make sense that Spinrite would discontinue it, but that's what they told her. The 980 (double-worsted) IS marked down 70% -- cones are only $2.66 or something like that now (what colors they have left of it - it's selling out fairly quickly....) The 930 (regular cotton worsted) is the one & only product not being reduced. AFAIK, tha
  8. Both reasons are why I LOVE getting my patterns through Ravelry whenever possible! Etsy is only a 2nd option, when I simply can NOT find what I want through Ravelry.
  9. If I'm reading this correctly, you're adding additional stitches where there shouldn't be any. When you are finished with the first round, you should have four groups of 4 dc next to each other, separated by the ch 2's. I think the problem is, you are repeating that initial "3 dc". IMO, that line is written in a confusing manner because of the extra brackets around the entire thing - I don't believe that that '3 dc' part is supposed to be repeated. But, if I'm interpreting the pattern correctly, here is what should be happening: You are doing only *3* dc at first, because your in
  10. OMG, that is gorgeous!!!! I've been wanting to get started on embellishing a purse/bag - but have had so many other projects going, that I haven't gotten started yet. Your work is certainly an inspiration! I could only dream of having something turn out so beautiful!
  11. I'm in Dundee, which is a tiny little town in between Winter Haven & Lake Wales. I grew up in Orlando - but whew - it was a totally different world then. (LOL, I'm 51, so have seen massive changes in FL during my life.....) Grannyscrochet, you're just right down the road from me!
  12. Those are wonderful! What lucky FB friends, to get such generous gifts from you!
  13. This is my favorite banana pattern - it comes out really cute http://amigurumiparadise.blogspot.com/2008/11/amigurumi-banana-free-pattern.html
  14. That's true -- and *IF* they are mostly all patterns that you genuinely love & will actually use, then it's a good deal. Just in my own personal experience though, I would get a book with 50 patterns in it - but I really only *loved* a few of them. Maybe I thought I liked some of the rest - but over the years, I realized that the percentage of patterns I actually *used* was only a small portion of the book/magazine. It makes me think of the cable TV packaging --- "get 899 channels for $X.xx!!!" Sounds really good - but if 879 of those channels are stuff you'll never watch........
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