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    Gail Woodruff
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    multitalented, we've all heard that you can do anything you put your mind to and it is so very true
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    Jarratt, Virginia
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    crochet, plastic canvas, floral decor, painting, jewelry making, cooking, and writing
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    student and florist
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    I was six years old, 1989
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    bed, pillow and air freshener dolls, afghans for charity
  1. gail0483

    Butterfly stitch

    This is a must try for me. A good way to use up scraps also.
  2. gail0483

    Best floral square

    Thank you for those links,very beautiful!!!¡!! I'm looking for th size flowers in that huge flower link. I've seen about 5-6 rnds of popcorns sts to build a big 3d flower and that's why I wanted a larger square.
  3. gail0483

    Best floral square

    Still looking for the big flower to wow this special lady. Thank you ladies for some great links for future projects though.
  4. gail0483

    Best floral square

    The first link reminds me ofa zinnia, 2nd is beautiful.?
  5. gail0483

    Need help replicating an old blanket.

    That is a very bea6utful blanket, my gramma made me one then when I was 7 she taught me how to make them.
  6. gail0483

    Best floral square

    Hi everyone,hope all is well as the spring blooms. I need a lil help for an elder who has become a great friend. She says she wants to be warm in heaven. I'm looking for a 3D looking flower(layers, textures, one round puffies, etc) square. It can be 8"+, w/wo greenery behind it, color doesn't matter since she wants me to make each one different but whitte around the border Please share your favorite, thank you everyone.
  7. gail0483

    Still making comfortghans for the elderly

    The ladies and I that make everything for these sweet people have made our cause known to every church and the few family members that do visit. Sometimes we get lucky. We have learned that most of the nurses aren't honest. I had a shipment of 8 blankets to come directly to a nursing home and the nurses took them home instead of letting me know they came in so I could give them to someone, they must have been really nice. Good thing the lady told me she was shipping them so I knew to look for them. It created a big problem. The comfortghans are usually made 3'x5' to ensure max potential of donations, any design and color combo or single color, male and female. Any help is welcomed and very very appreciated.
  8. I made short socks with a popcorn or a berry topper, they were very cute and I get compliments all the time.
  9. gail0483

    Round Jacob's Ladder

    Thank you, this is what I was exactly looking for and more.
  10. It has been more than 10 years since I started visiting nursing homes and retirement homes. I quickly noticed that most people had no family coming to see them so I was broken hearted. I started making comfortghans for those in wheel chairs first but I couldn't neglect the other friends I had made. I have had help from time to time but most of the supplies have come out of pocket, it has gotten harder and harder to do with all the changes to the government going on now. So now I'm asking for any help to help me keep going on to make more comfortghans as the request keeps growing. Please help and it will be appreciated so much, not only by myself but the by the people receiving the blankets. It really makes them smile and feel important.Thanks everyone. Gail Woodruff 3190 Sussex Drive Apt 118 Emporia, Va 23847
  11. gail0483

    Round Jacob's Ladder

    Hi everyone, I'm searching for an oldie but goodie. I'm looking for the round version of the Jacob's Ladder. My niece saw mine laid on my bed and she wants one badly. Any help will be greatly appreciated by myself and a 9yo sweetheart.
  12. gail0483

    Easy Wrist Warmers

    Thank you, these will be put to good use.
  13. gail0483

    Do u have scrap yarn laying around?

    I learned that some elder people like the different colored hats with the knots on the outside, their trend I guess. It doesn't matter what colors, how much, what kind of yarn u would like to share. I appreciate all help so I can continue to help others. Im glad u thought of me although I haven't been online much due to a health a health issue. If u can still help in any way; My Address: Gail Woodruff 3190 Sussex Drive Apt 118 Emporia, VA 23847 Phone (434)-594-2584 Thank you again!!
  14. My name is Gail. Usually I ask for help with afghan squares, scarfs, and anything else to make for elder people. This time I am asking if those people that discard scrap yarn would consider sending it to me so that I can make quilt type crocheted afghans. All of the help goes to nursing homes and retirement homes, no bs here. All help is appreciated by more than myself. Thank you for your considerations. My address is: Gail Woodruff 3190 Sussex Drive Apt 118 Emporia, VA 23847
  15. gail0483

    Very small dog sweater

    Thank you for your help ma'am.