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  1. Ouch. I'm still a newbie and full of wonder. Looking up yarn and patterns and seeing how more established crocheters make use of them is genuinely exciting to me. I love seeing others' finished projects in order to see how different yarns look after being put to use, as I don't have the benefit of years of experience. I also like having a place to store photos of what I do, to sort of monitor my own progress. I'm sure ravelry isn't for everyone, but that doesn't make it a bad thing. P.S. Sorry for feeling defensive. That part was dumb.
  2. I wish more crocheters were on ravelry. I use it as a tool... looking up yarns and patterns and seeing what others are doing with them. Eventually, I'll put my goods up too. It has great potential to win my heart. I don't think crochetville's under any threat, though. I'm mostly just a lurker, but it fills a different niche than ravelry. YAY CROCHET!
  3. Awww... I'm glad you were finally able to reply! I've been in Hobby Lobby stores in Indiana, but never ever to look for crochet and knitting goods! I actually looked up Wisconsin stores, saw "Monona" and panicked. Now I see it is accessible by bus. Fabulous! Thanks. I also try to garden. This year was my first attempt. I managed to grow some greens, but I consider it mostly a failure. I need more sunlight! Thanks so much again (everyone)! I'll be sure to get in touch if I need a little help. ...and I really miss living with dogs. ...as soon as I'm settled in life...
  4. Hi! I'm also from Hoosierland (I moved to Wisconsin in January).
  5. My mom has some ladies' handkerchiefs she wants to add color to. In the past, she's done a simple single crochet edging. Now she's looking for something a little more elaborate (but still easy to do). Can anyone tell me where to find some decent patterns or ideas for edgings?
  6. More BIG thanks for the fabulous welcome. Uwcheese: I just moved here in January. I've been to the Knitting Tree and Lakeside Fibers. I keep meaning to get to Stitcher's Crossing, but I rely on the bus system, and it's a little out of my way. Being vegan and a newbie, I've found the craft stores serve my needs as well as anywhere. I've gotten most of my stuff at the Wisconsin Craft Market but have browsed Joann, Michael's, and Hancock Fabrics for fun. I feel like such a nerd. I literally just started and can't stop going to these places. I spend more time thinking about crocheting than actually crocheting. I've finished about half of my granny squares now. I'm crossing my fingers that this thing won't be hideous. By the way, truckin Patty, I'm originally from Tell City, IN (between Evansville and Louisville). I went to college in Bloomington and then moved here from there. Oh. And here's my ugly dishcloth! It's misshapen and clashy, but it was my first. I think I should have used a smaller hook, but I didn't yet have the goods when I made this. Get used to bad photography from me. I have no talent and horrible lighting. Watch me improve!
  7. I just moved from Bloomington in January. Nice to meet all of you!
  8. Thanks so much for the warm replies! I'm pretty darn excited about learning from this place. :-D
  9. Hi! I'm Sonja from Madison, WI! I *just* started both crocheting and knitting. Crochet seems to be where my enthusiasm lies at present. My first project was a dishcloth in colors that kind of clash. Now I'm working on the color-bar blanket from "the Happy Hooker." Making granny squares has become my hands' natural state. I'm just a shy, 20-something vegan (please no hate--I'm a nice person) girl picking up new hobbies in between unrelated college degrees (I've had a little trouble deciding what I want to do with the rest of my life). I can't wait to start reading! Sonja
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