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    I just started crocheting in July 07.
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  1. I modified the tree skirt pattern just a little in order to make the afghan. I made it as a secret santa gift for my step-sister. Actually, I started making it so I could use the squares to decorate my cubicle at work then found out who my secret santa recipient was then continued making it for her. It's from a free pattern, Victorian Tree Skirt, at redheart.com.
  2. How many chains would you use for a cross stitch pattern? Or, I guess it's just a matter of even or odd number. I suppose I could just do a set of 5 or so so I wouldn't have to undo 100+ if I was wrong. What's the best way to figure out how many chains you have to do for a pattern to work out evenly? In this case, it takes 2 stitches for the pattern and I'm using DC so I skip 2 stitches for my initial turning chain so...EVEN number of chains? Or is it odd because I'm starting in the 3rd chain? I'm so confused. Help?
  3. Didn't make it back here. Thanks for all the nice comments.
  4. A friend at work asked me to make a bag for his game dice and a case for his card game. I already had a bag made but I couldn't quite find the right case for the cards. It had to hold more than 2 regular playing card decks. Here's what I came up with:
  5. 3 more at the bottom... Here are some of the snowmen ornaments I've been making as gifts. Plus rudolph. I modified the snowman pattern a little to make the Calvin and Hobbes-inspired 2 Headed Snowman. [attach]48337[/attach]
  6. My grandmother went to the store for the first time today since her hip surgery 6 months ago. She's in a wheelchair and evidently had trouble trying to wheel herself around and hang onto a plastic bag. I've seen some shopping bags that hang off the handles behind the seat back but she can't turn that far to get stuff in the bag. Does anyone have any ideas about what sort of bag she could use on her lap while shopping? thanks
  7. That's really nice! I think I'd go completely blind if tried that though....
  8. That is so cool. I like the colors. I have one "in process". I have all the pieces done and just started sewing them together...2 years ago! I hate the sewing part. Making the pieces was kind of fun but I don't know if I'm ever going to finish this thing. Wish I could get some help finishing it but the people in my family have less patience than I do....
  9. I made these guys for our Relay for Life team to raffle off. My wife thinks I'm nuts for naming them. However, she doesn't realize the amount of work and care that went into each one. I love the Baby Snow Dragon pattern! Those little ribbons were a chore to add, especially on Bruce. Bruce (Bruce Lee - black...ninja) Mags (Magenta) Baby (small and cute and light pink) Fiesta (Mexican Fiesta Red Heart yarn) T'Angelo (Well...tangelo)
  10. Welcome! This is the place to be for beginners, that's for sure. I get add looks too, especially at soccer games. But, now the boys will come up to our room to see what I'm working on.
  11. You could use a Dremel or other rotary tool to grind off the lettering then sand it down smooth. If you have an engraving bit, you could engrave the size somewhere else on the handle.
  12. Hm. Bet I could take a wooden bowl, rout the slot, then polish it up so the ball would spin....
  13. stillwjo

    My little accident

    Hotchkis and I must be related...we have the same bellies.
  14. I'm going to miss the wedding this weekend so I gave it to him at work today. Too bad it was 95 degrees outside!
  15. Frog it! If you do figure out a way to even it out, you'll be able to tell and you won't like the results. Much easier to rip it out and re do it.
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