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  1. ziggy073

    Japanese Craft Stores in NYC?

    That's fine! The one you refer to is actually Kinokuniya. But thank you for the locale info!
  2. Hello all! I am going to be flying into NYC on August 26th for the day to mostly gather supplies for my japanese crochet obsession (books mostly). However, I was wondering if anyone knows of any other places that might carry Japanese or asian styled crochet books / supplies (like hooks, yarns, notions).... Book stores I know I will be going to for sure will be Kinokuniya, Bookoff, and Asahiya. I would love to know if anyone has ever seen if any stores carry Hamanaka yarns and hooks or cafe kitchen yarn? I'm probably going to wonder around Chinatown in the hopes I stumble across something... Any help would be much appreciated!!!!
  3. ziggy073

    Circular Crochet Software Wanted

    Thank you for the reply, but unfortunately this program only works for PC's and not MAC's.... Oh well.... I'll just keep looking!
  4. Hello all! Please forgive me if this topic has been discussed before, as I have been away from this forum for quite some time (Sorry ), but I have searched the archives and have not found an answer that works for me. I am looking for a software application for making the circular style crochet patterns that can be found in Japanese books for amigurumi or other circular patterns that use symbols. Also a program that can easily make flat patterns that use symbols. The caveat here is that I have a MAC and alot of the programs that others have suggested are mainly for PC. The type of software is obviously not exclusive to Japanese publishing companies as I saw this book at my local AC Moore and noticed they use the same style to present patterns. Also Harmony Guides uses some kind of software. Short of contacting these companies and asking flat out what they use (if they would even tell me), I wonder if anyone else has some ideas. Much thanks in advance!
  5. ziggy073

    My first Amigurumi

    LOVE IT!!! Awesome job!!!!!!! :D
  6. ziggy073

    Toasted Marshmallows

    I don't know about the original, but I love it! Great job!!!!
  7. ziggy073

    My newest toys

    So cute! Very very nice!
  8. ziggy073

    2nd Amigurumi Project - Octopus

    Ok, so it's offical... Octo's are IN!!!! How awesome! I simply need to make one and make it soon! Thanks for the link!
  9. ziggy073

    New Guy from Missouri

    Nice to see another guy around here! Welcome and awesome dragon! -Kevin
  10. ziggy073

    I made some Pygmy Puffs!

    How awesome are they???? I simply love them! I do hope you post the pattern! -Kevin
  11. ziggy073


    awww! he's fun! he just needs a little jug with 3 x's on it to make it complete! -Kevin
  12. ziggy073

    My first amigurumi (pic chubby)

    Love the colour and the ginormous eyes! -Kevin
  13. ziggy073

    Some stuffies/amigurumi I've made lately (lots of pics)

    Love the little cheesecake, carrot and cup!!! If you ever find the pattern for the cup, please let me know!!!! Awesome job!
  14. ziggy073

    iPhone cozy

    I'm pretty sure they are indeed the most awesome phones ever! Couldn't be happier with them
  15. ziggy073

    A chihuahua for you neck

    I like that! Very cute face! :D