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    disabled gramma to 2 lively girls (11 & 6) who live here with their Mom
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    being a gramma
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    afghans, clothes, use to love to do doilies
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    since I was younger than I can remember
  1. Nikka... I'm so sorry to hear about your brother.. but honey you starting smoking again isn't going to make it better... do you have something else you can release stress with
  2. I've missed the last several months.... first Mom was ill then she passed away last month and now I'm trying to get her stuff sorted out and fuinish the quilts she started for the youngest grandkids and the great grandkids.... she has one completely done ... 7 tops made but not tied off and squares made for another 3 ... I have to put those together and make squares for another 3 quilts.... I will be with you in spirit though...
  3. just been reading through.. keep up the good work... it's a long hard journey but remember .... every journey begins with 1 step.... just keep putting one foot in front of the other and soon you will be getting there .... I'm so proud of each of you just for trying.... I'll be back to check in regularly ... don't forget you are more than welcome to PM me and I'll be there to talk to you....
  4. Nikki... I'm glad you have a smoke free zone.... you will find if you clean and wash down the walls and get some fabreeze stuff and spray the furniture you will get rid of a lot iof the recidual smoke smell which can be a trigger too.... also your little boy will be better for it too... second hand smoke is bad for kids... it causes a lot of ear infections and asthma problems
  5. Nikki .... my husband still smokes although not like he used to... of course he had the surgeon tell him in no uncertain terms there was to be NO smoking around me AT ALL .... he goes outside ... have you talked with your younger brother and explain to him that you really are trying to quit and ask him to please help you by not smoking around where you are....
  6. I hope I don't sound too preachy but these are all things I've found that worked for me but as I said before they won't work for everyone Stitch in time.... yes crying and out of control emotions can be from not smoking.... nicotine is a drug .... when you're trying to get those drugs out of your system your body will exhibit all kinds of weird things.... I got headaches... sometimes the shakes.... my husband said if he didn't know better he would have thought I had a hangover
  7. Nicole..... Might I add letters to the editors .... would people be so carefree if she had done injury to a child
  8. I know how hard it is to quit especially without any medical assist...I was on so many meds for my heart [and still am - my daughter says I have my own pharmacy] that they would not give me anything... I will tell you quitting something that you have been doing for 35 + years is hard.... there are times when I still wish I had a cigarette and it has been 7 years .... I did not even have antone to talk to about it .... I am willing to talk to anyone who wants to talk, try to make suggestions [but what worked for me may not work for you] check with me here, PM me or e-mail me I'll be here for you as much as I can
  9. Nikka I hope you find your motivation... One of my worst triggers for smoking was driving my car. as soon as I got in I would buckle my seat belt turn on the ignition and light a cigarette I had to find something different to do... when I could drive again I would get in buckle up and open up a bottle of water and take a drink... then I would chew on a straw or suck on a lollipop. you have to find your triggers and find something else to do in it's place. If you find yourself smoking in a certain spot and you are able avoid it don't go to that spot. If you find yourself smoking everytime you are around a certain friend,call them on the phone or e-mail them for awhile instead of being with them in person.
  10. Hi Nikki haven't seen you around lately... how have you been... I smoked for almost 30 years.... the day I went into the operating room for open heart surgery the doctor looked at me and said "Quit Smoking or Die" that was the last day I smoked.... I tried everyway you can think of but until you have a motivating reason and quit making excuses you will not quit.... rewards don't work ... punishment sure does't work... you have to learn some relaxing techniques and find a motivating reason.... mine was I wanted to live... having someone to talk to about it WILL help so if you want to have a CAL where you can get together and encourage one another that will help. If you want someone who's been there to talk to about it just PM me I'll be willing to talk to anyone about what I went through.
  11. I have very devious kitties here .... there were 7 very noisy kitties running around chasing each other at 2AM which woke me up ..... got up, went potty and decided to play a couple games on the 'puter to help me go back to sleep .... about 1/2 later went to get in my chair to sleep and there was a pile of 7 kitties curled up in my seat.... needless to say they moved and I went back to sleep... [they ended up crawling on my legs and chair and went back to sleep anyways]
  12. yes our Miss Cara is quite talented ... and her projects are really not hard to do at alll .... you are welcome to come and visit anytime....
  13. Krystal's pattern is really not bad and her on line tutorials are very helpful ... if you really need help after trying that way she welcomes e-mails as long as you are respectful ... the only u-tube videos I've heard about is for a learn to knit and a learn to crochet one
  14. craftteamum....welcome to the group ....Cara's(Misa) site is very addicting .... everyone who comes here is very helpful ... and it's a wonderful bunch of girls.... if you don't mind what is your name? we tend to get friendly and use first names alot.... Cara .... now you're getting Denise into WOW ... aren't the saltine ghans enough? ... have you been watching Wendy? you could be turning into an enabler
  15. Barbara .. Wendy claimed she couldn't figure out how to do it so several of us started just to help her out and got so involved we ended up making one...
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