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    I am a wife, Mom, and jewlery artist living in the Seattle area with my husband, kids, cats, and corgi.

    I love halloween, alice in wonderland, tattoos, vintage and retro styles, harry potter, spooky stuff, BPAL, striped socks, pumpkin and vanilla scents, zombies, owls, and legos.

    My favorite colors are red, purple, green, and grey
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    Bothell, WA
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    Crochet and knitting, sewing, painting, reading and watching horror movies.
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    afghans, home decor, holiday stuff, angels, granny squares, snowflakes....whatever strikes me at the moment.
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    Since 1982
  1. Wow that is beautiful. Great job!
  2. Yay! I finally finished popcorning. So you can see in this picture how it doesn't sit quite flat. Though the more I go the more it seems to be OK. We shall see.
  3. Raccoon: Wow! Your colors are really great and that center motif you used is beautiful. Great job! I'm working on the first popcorn round right now. I'll post a picture when I get through this round...it's been taking me hours. (Ok...ok...so I've been taking breaks too). I'm still a little concerned because it doesn't want to lay completely flat. Now that I've been working on the popcorn round it's laying flater...but not flat. I'm having faith this will all work out in the end. It better because at this point I don't think I have the streangth to rip out about 13 rounds.
  4. Oh good. I thought I read before that they would. Though I just didn't want to get too far along just to find out I have to redo that whole section.
  5. Here is my finished section one: If finished that tuesday evening. Right now I'm on round 7 of section two. It's looking a little bit ruffley though. Is that something that will flatten out more once the next sections are put on or should I be worried about it now? Raccoon: What colors are you making yours in?
  6. I got to go shopping today and picked out my colors....yay! I had a really hard time choosing. We traveled up north to the mega-jo annes but they really didn't have a great red heart selection. After about 45 minutes of looking...and considering...and considering...here is what I came up with: They are TLC essentials in barn red, sedona (the multi) and aran. Plus red heart in black (of course ). The color quality in the picture isn't the greatest. The red is more red and less orange and the aran is an off-white. I like the colors since they remind me of fall (my favorite color) and should go well in my red and black living room without being too stark. I'm excited to get started!
  7. Very nice work Heather. Looks like you don't have too much more to do. Now what will you do with all your free time once you're done?
  8. Heather: Are you doing the CRWs in two different color schemes. Doing two at a time would be one thing...but doing two exactly the same at a time... Well that would make me insane.
  9. Question One: The only movie I've seen so far this summer is Kung Fu Panda. We took our daughter out to see it...it was her first movie theater movie ever. It was cute and she loved it. I still want to see: Iron Man, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Hancock. Question two: We have one in the nearby area but you would have to drive to it and since I don't drive I've never been. I haven't been to a drive-in since highschool. Can't tell you what I saw since that wasn't much of the point at the time.
  10. You can totally modify it to hold any size hooks from thread hooks to Q hooks. So you would definatly be able to make it to hold clover hooks.
  11. That is so cute! And they really do look just like the stamps. Great job
  12. Yeah I think I'm going to have to take a trip to Joann's and stare at the colors for a while. I've tried looking online for ideas but the color quality is so wonky you never really know what you are looking at. One of the problems is trying to get this to fit into my living room. Granted my living room is mainly asian themed...but it's asian ecclectic. Basically asian inspired untill I feel like throwing something else in. lol I already have a ton of red and black in my living room but I think if I add in more red and black it's going to start to be too much. Hmmm...I do have blue, greens and yellows in this huge fan that hangs on my wall...maybe I'll use some of that to pull those colors out a bit.
  13. So this is the crochet case I made using Gourmet Crochet's Crochet Hook Caddy pattern. Here it is all closed up: And here are two pictures of the inside of the case: I really enjoyed this pattern and would definatly make it again. I have more information on materials used and notes on my blog.
  14. So I've been lurking in this thread for quite a while. I wasn't sure if I would ever get the pattern since I'm just not about to pay the prices it's been going for on ebay. How happy was I to see it on sale at annie's attic again! Yay! So I got the confirmation email today that it's been shipped and is on it's way. Now the really hard part.....what colors to make it in??? I haven't seen it done in many other versions than the purples and I that wont really work with my home. What colors are you guys making your in? I need some inspiration.
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