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  1. good morning! i have two pattern questions. First question is, i am making the hooded scarf in the February issue of crochet world mag. The pattern call for bulky yarn (5) but i would like to know if i could substitute holding two strands of worsted weight yarns together? The other question I have is , i was reading through the pattern and on row3 of the scarf section it reads: Ch1, Sc in each st across, sl st in the base of next v-stitch. i have no idea where the base of a st is? any help would be great!
  2. I have been playing around with a few ways to try to keep that turning ch from twisting and i am keeping the pics of where to join that you posted up so i can see while i am working. This is helping so far. I will post a pic in the morning after i see what it looks like after a few rows. as i had frogged it and started over after you posted the tips and pics. Thanks so much! wish me luck:cheer
  3. I found out the hard way that i was wrong about trying to join from the side of the turning chain.. what a tangled mess that made LOL i don't know why but for some reason my turning chain is still getting all twisted and this is making things difficult. but at least now i understand where to put the dc after it. i will keep practicing.
  4. yes the pics help a lot! I think maybe i now know what i was doing wrong with the slip stitch into the turning chain. you seem to be putting it in from the side of the turning ch which looks like you then are actually are putting the hook through the middle and back loop if i am seeing it correctly rather than the front two loops as you would with the rest of the round? it appears as though by doing so it also might strengthen the the stitch or am i just not seeing it right?
  5. well now i think i have figured out why i can't find my place to slip stch into. i have been trying to slip into the top of the tch from the front and it never seems right. but looking at the way you did it from the side like that makes sence. now where does that first dc go? the one where you say to put it in to where the turning ch sits? thank you! also if i do use a ch 2 instead of a ch3 then does the ch2 still count as the first dc of a round? or no?
  6. Hello, I am working on aggie's round ripple pattern (the one with out gaps) I am determined to get this figured out! LOL anyways I wrote to her a few times as this is my first RR. she thought maybe the problem was that i didn't join my second color right. but as i looked at it i have figured out I just don't know where to join my rounds to the top of the turning chain. my turning chains always twist no matter what height they are. and it makes it difficult to tell which one it is even when i use a stitch marker. I also can never figure out where to put my first stitch when starting the new round. exp:the 2nd row says" CH3, 1DC into the same place as CH sits, I can't figure out where that 1DC goes either? I pm aggie as i at first thought she was making typos. but she said no.I don't understand what is meant by where the chain sits. she said also if i wanted i could chain 2 instead of the three if i wanted to if it would help to join the rounds easier. but i still can't figure it out. and because of these two problems i have big gaping holes going back and forth down under where i try to join the round and where i think the 1dc should go. the rest of the pattern i understand. uggh its so frustating! I have been all over youtube trying to find a good video to help i did find one i liked where a lady used a "magic loop" but she still sl st in the turning chain and i couldn't see where she was doing it well enough nor where her first stitch went afterwords. I don't know where else to look. help!
  7. Hope this makes it easier to see the holes i am talking about
  8. I am working the one that is supposed to be with out the gaps.I thought it was a typo at first too,but she says it every round.
  9. Hi I am working on Aggies round ripple afghan. I have never worked in the round before. I got as far as the 8th round and looked at my work. There are a couple of issues I'm having. First off she says in row #2 "CH3,1DCinto the same place as CH sits" what does she mean by where the chain sits? where would that be? I am also Not sure that I am closing my rounds properly . I am putting a stitch marker in the top of the chain three stitch as that is where she says to slip stitch into to close the rounds. but as i looked at my circle that is done thus far,it has big gaping holes going all the way down each row where i join. It has the appearance of a run in pantyhose! so i went online to youtube.com to see if i could find a video to help me with working in the round i found this but her method , is using something she calls a "magic circle" I tried this method and I actually got the hang of it. but i don't know if i could make it work with this particular pattern. If any one has worked this pattern could maybe take a look at her video, and could let me know if there is a way i could adapt her pattern using this "magic circle" this lady uses that would be great! also what am i doing wrong ? what does aggie mean by 1 dc into same place as CH sits? Thanks! P.S. I forgott to mention i am working her round ripple pattern with out the gaps. that's why i can't understand why i have gaps coming through in the area where i join the rounds
  10. hello, I hope that the fairy god mother who sent me some wonderful breast cancer ribbon related items in March of 2009 will see this post. I have been very ill and gone for some time from this group. I was battling breast cancer at the time and complications with my epilepsy. when i got the items I was in the hospital, as i had suffered a bad stroke as a result of the chemo i was getting was causing problems with my epilepsy meds and causing me to have seizures. anyways, My fiance said that the envelope had no return address. so we didn't know at the time who sent the package. It wasn't until recently that my fiance found an old address book that had my log in info for this site. so I when i logged in today that i found out that it was a fairy god mother from here. Thank you fairy god mother! It is nice to be back.
  11. I know this is really late,as i was admitted unexpectidly during the holidays to first a hospital , and then a physical rehab. I am finally home though :cheerand wanted to thank my wonderfull swap partner lusmom.Not only did she send a great gift package but her kind words and prayers were so needed and apreciated during my stay at the hospitals.I am so grateful to you michelle for our new friendship and look forward to continuing it! She made me the prettiest cream and purple trimmed shawl that i use both as a shawl and a lap gan for my wheel chair. everyone at the rehab hosp. was very envious of it! I also recived yummy peppermint chocolate candy bar which i am still drooling over.LOL she also got me a crochet calander,a v.c. andrews book called Dawn (which is too funny since she didn't even realize at the time she got it and sent it the name of the title of the book was the same as my name.) i have just started reading this authors series of books. I know i am forgeting allot of things and i apologize my mind is still foggy and getting used to my new meds.so forgive me . It has been so long since i have posted pics on here i can't figure out how to post pics of everything i got. if i get it figured out i will post on here other wise maybe i can get them up on my blog. thanks again lusmom!
  12. Hi toni I pm'd you back thanks Dawn:manyheart
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