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  1. Well... thanks for looking. The one on Ravelry is GORGEOUS! Thanks for the link.
  2. Have you guys seen this crochet cardigan? http://www.jdwilliams.co.uk/shop/joanna-hope-fringe-crochet-cardigan/sz193/product/details/show.action?pdBoUid=7170#colour:,size: It's gorgeous! I would love to crochet this if anyone can figure out a pattern. It doesn't look easy at all.
  3. LOL! Telling hubby the difference is one less person we need to educate!
  4. I've been wanting to do a round ripple forever but I just had such a brain block on how to do it until I saw Crochet Dad's pattern. Thanks for the pattern!
  5. I also adore rats and have 5 myself. That blankie is too cute!
  6. Anyone see Carla's Sweater (shrug) on Top Chef? It was sooooo cute!
  7. I JUST saw it and it's great! YAY! Positive PR.
  8. Yes, the girls were supportive. It was the boys!!
  9. I like it mostly to link my finished items to the pattern. I use flickr to post my pictures so when anyone calls up that pattern, they see my finished object. Plus, I get to see what everyone else did with the pattern. The project queue is a great tool to keep me on track to work on my projects in priority order. You can decide how involved to be in the forums and groups. The pattern browsing option is very helpful. Recently I was working on some sweaters for my sister's chi so I went into the browse function and clicked on free, crochet, pets and there were all the patterns listed, with photos. I just had to go thru a few to pick the patterns I wanted to try! The collection of patterns and the convenience of having them all in one place is reason enough to create an account, even if you don't use all the other options.
  10. Did anyone catch the comment about how "knitting is for old people"? The group on TMZ were discussing Alyson Hannigan from American Pie (one time at band camp) who was leaving a knitting class. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0004989/ The thing that bothers me is I just answered a poll (I can't remember where) where they asked if you heard anything negative about knitting and I said not for a long time! Now the results will be skewed!
  11. I know... yahoo is having "issues" lately. The photobucket account is already setup. Goto www.photobucket.com Sign on using this information: username crochetvilleroundripplecal password ripple Go to the folder called 12 Scarves of 2009.
  12. Yahoo groups have been so much trouble lately. The photobucket account has already been setup with one user name and one password. I wish there was some tried and true way to share our photos without searching long threads.
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