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  1. Shew...just finished the back. I am hoping the front panels go much quicker. I am excited to wear this sweater
  2. Question on row 42 of the back: sl st up to or into ch-2 space? Where does the 3ch go? In the first ch-2 space?
  3. I'm right there with ya. I am on row 35 on the back. It is boring doing all the shells that I cannot do more than 1-2 rows at a time and I am bored. Someday I'll finish
  4. Happiness is...getting to the end of a row 9 and having the correct number of shells (Yes I am a little behind on this project!)
  5. You are awesome, Cindy!! What a brilliant idea. I will try this when I am not tired in the evening and can concentrate
  6. Any suggestions for an alternative cast on other than chaining? I am have a very hard time finding all my chains amongst the shells. When I get to the end I am always off. I am tired of starting over
  7. I have been waiting as well. I just sent Jenny an email. I placed my order last Wednesday.
  8. Have you made one? Did it really go that fast? I was thinking about making something to donate to my daughter's school, but I didn't want to spend days and months and years on it. What was your take on the 4.5 hour afghan?
  9. Anyone know? I was there the other day and saw they sold BIG skeins of VW yarn (bigger than I have bought before at Michael's and JoAnn's). I was wondering if anyone knew how big they were (oz. and/or yd.). TIA
  10. Title says it all I prefer a B&M opposed to ebay! Thanks!
  11. Thanks, Ladies for the replies. I just may have to give one a try. I love the angel in flight - gorgeous! Also what a great idea for the interchangable crochet hooks. I asked my hubby for a set of interchangable knitting needles for Christmas - I may have to alter my list Angelfire...it is reassuring to know that you are able to make them in just a couple of hours. I love quick projects
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