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  1. Good afternoon! So I want to start the year off with a clean room, and my yarn is one area that needs improving. My question is: where in the world do I start? I was so good at keeping my yarn clean and organized, but now they are in such big knots and it's driving me nuts! Has anyone else been in my position? What did you do and how did you clean up your stash?? Thanks! PS: Pictures to show you my problem! 2nd picture doesn't look too bad...but it's worse underneath all that yarn! And sorry for the large photos! I resized them at Photobucket, but it didn't seem to work the way I wanted.
  2. Hey everyone! I think this is my first post here! Anyways, I am looking for slipper patterns for my dad's feet. He has size 16 feet (huge, I know) and can't find slippers that fit him. So I told him I would try my best to find a pattern so I can crochet a pair for him. So if anyone knows of any relatively masculine patterns, please let me know! Thanks so much. I hope I can get a few responses! Jillian.
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