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  1. I decided on the Edgerydoo based on the comment that someone made saying they didn't pay enough attention to use the Skipstitch... well, I would be one to not pay enough attention also.. so I figured Edgerydoo was better for me However, I havent had time to use it either. Hope to this week and let you know.
  2. that's the email I used. I'll PM you her address.
  3. Okay, everyone thanks for all your help. I think the Skip Stitch will be a better option for me. It seems to be alot less work. So, I will need a rotary cutter, mat and ruler, or straight edge template? And, of course the new blade when I get it too.
  4. I got an email from the woman w/ her address for the Skip Stitch. She wants a check or money order mailed to her. Seems really inconvenient to me in today's age. I want this thing NOW! Or as soon as possible, by the time my check gets to Georgia, she mails the product... we're looking at a long time...hmm...anyone used one of these? Are they worth the hassle of ordering?
  5. http://www.yarnsandmusings.com/2007/01/skip-stich-blade.html This is some woman's blog and she talks about it and shows a picture of it.
  6. From what I've read there isnt a website for it. It's just a blade for the rotary cutter. I'll see what I can find and post it here.
  7. I have been lurking for a while, and just registered a few minutes ago. I have been learning to crochet since Christmas. Not many finished projects but one heck of a stash already. I want to make some fleece baby blankets w/ crocheted edge. I am either going to buy the Edgerydoo ro the Skip Stitch, but I can't decide which would work better? Anyone have any advice? Also, could you point me to some EASY edging patterns please? I bought several blankets at Dollar Tree and have them washed and ready.
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