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  1. joules

    Granny Spiral

    thanks for the vote of confidence but its already been done http://www.mikeyssmail.com/3_Colour_Granny_Square.html
  2. i love these, reminds me of patchwork quilts when i came across this pattern ages ago i got out some crayons and some square paper. i spent days colouring in and came up with a whole set of ideas. i reckon i should finish it and write it up on my blog someday (if you dont mind rosered?). this pattern has so many possibilities
  3. joules


    i cant help with the pattern but didnt i see something about the start signs changing recently? according to what is aw im not a taurus not a gemini
  4. Rnd 2: Ch3, (Dc, Ch2, 2 Dc) in same st as sl st, *Ch 6, Skip next Dc, Shell (2 Dc, Ch2, 2 Dc) in next Dc. Repeat from * to * around. Skip next Dc, Sl St in top of Beg Ch 3 and in next Dc. (8-Shells, 8-Ch6 Sps) is there a chain 6 missing from this row? just started one of these today, i love it. 6 rounds in and my hubby is calling it a lilly pad
  5. joules

    round ripple cardigan?

    that was the bit that was worrying me. the thing is if i do the hole for the sleeves the way i was thinking, the holes wont have and up down up down like a ripple does - it would be up down down down. any ideas?
  6. i saw a cardigan once that was knitted flat, as a circle. you start with the chest measurement plus 2 inches, the knit a flat circle to half that number. you then leave 2 gaps fo the sleeves based on dividing the circle into 8 wedges. after that you finish the flat circle to the chest measurement plus 2 inches, then go back and add the sleeves. pattern here at the time i couldnt knit so i simply crocheted it, this wasnt too hard to figure out. my mum liked it so much she requested one for christmass. i had a mad idea the other day that i cant shake and was wondering what you guys thought. you can get 8 point round ripples. what if i made a crochet round ripple with 8 points, stop after i get to half my total measurement. for the sleeves i would leave the gaps starting at a high point and ending at the next high point, chaining enough to bridge the gap, then continue making sure to carry on the 8 point ripple. i could then go back and add the sleeves as simple tubes im not sure if this is going to work. i figured to measure i would measure from the lower point to its opposite lower point. im not sure if i could just crochet a simple tube from the gaps left or if i would need to make adjustments. i do first need to find an 8 point ripple pattern though what do you think? is this do-able? Thanks Julie
  7. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showpost.php?p=2015994&postcount=1835 is that it?
  8. joules

    A Question of Opinion/Technique

    i was playing around with join as you go stuff for a while and posted this on my blog. not sure how well written it is as ive had no feedback.
  9. good point didnt think of that
  10. i frogged the one in the first picture. the one in the second picture has the correct number of stitches, (2dc, 2ch, 2dc) in the corners and dc in each dc in between. it's slightly wobbly and will flatten if i put my hands on it a few times.
  11. no, off to count ........ right, i was off by one stitch on one side, on the final round. fixed it thanks i hadnt thought to count it still doesnt lay flat, however if i pat it a few times at the bumpy bits it does lay flat. it didnt do this with the 4mm hook. should that be ok for a babette? theres lots of difference size squares. thanks
  12. Ive been trying to do a sample for a babette that im starting the in new year. its with acrylic dk. my first attempt was with a 4mm hook and at 6 rounds big it rippled badly. the second attempt got to 10 rounds with a 5mm hook and ripples a little bit. along side this is 5 of the 2 round sqaures which should fit along one side. the difference between these and the 10 rounder is half an inch. i know the 10 rounder will stretch to fit but should i keep it as is or try again with a 5.5hook? thanks
  13. joules

    my blankets keep going crooked

    cool, thanks. will do some practice squares with my fav yarn and soo how i get on
  14. joules

    my blankets keep going crooked

    do you still add chains to the corners? ive heard of missing chains but couldnt figure out why people did it.
  15. joules

    My First Wool Eater

    wow ive seen this pattern but didnt appreciate how great it would look till now yummy colours too