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  1. Sorry it's been so long without update on this. I have had the pieces on hold while I run back and forth from medic to maniac (it seems ) with my voice. An endoscopy is a vile thing to have to endure and I am glad to say I don't need another one. All reports are fine physically for the vocal chords and they can find nothing wrong with me. That's supposed to be a good thing, and Im glad in a way but still bugged to h*ll that no-one can answer why I'm unable to speak with normal volume or even tone. Anyway, I've been keeping busy and will have some updates for this within the next week or so. Its not a dead project I assure you
  2. A very fine result - looks so delicate. Top job!
  3. Smashing job there Kara! Very well done. And that colour and variation - excellent choice. I'd give you an award, only there isn't an award smiley - so heres some candy :candycane
  4. Well, things are coming along nicely now. Im still a little stumped with the design for the knight - unquestionably the most difficult piece to figure out. So for now, I've got on with other pieces and first time round came up with the bishop. I'm quite happy with this one so far. It will be the last piece I create for a few days as I'm off to have a camera put down my throat tomorrow - soooo not looking forward to being awake for that. But I will get back and then carry on with some more soon.
  5. Thanks for the comments and interest in this so far. Im still not sure I will pull this off but I will give it my best shot. Now, I know I said that the next post would be after the pawns were created in total but I couldnt resist and have come up with my 2nd piece - the rook. My first attempt was a modification to one of the pre-design pawns to get an idea which evolved into me creating the pattern for this. Hope it meets with expectation so far - enjoy! The rook next to one of the pawns Tall and proud - a rook in all its glory PS - Sorry if the pics are a little blurry or fuzzy but I'm being forced to use my mobile/cell phone to take these for now.
  6. No comments yet?? Hmmm... OK. Well, this is state of play so far - 3 down, 29 to go. Next post will be after all pawns are completed.
  7. Hi everyone. I thought I would share with you all my latest challenge. This will be an on-going project which , if is good enough, I may release as a full pattern. As implied, this is my own design and I hope that you will enjoy this as much as I have so far in making it. "But what is it?" I hear you ask. Well, my personal challenge is to knit an entire chess set including board. I have only my imagination to go on and my own experience of the game. So here, for your praise or criticism, is the first piece finished and finalised - the much undervalued Pawn. The Evolution of a Pawn From left to right : 1 - my first attempt. Just something simple as an idea but was way out of shape and too small for what I had in mind. 2 - this had more height and a bigger head but i didnt like the shape of it. 3 - much better shaping to head and body but still not happy 4 - toyed with adding a neck and sealing the bottom. this didnt look right and made it unstable so as to fall over often. 5 - the finished design! very happy with shaping and it is quite good at standing up. Is about the size of my pinky. Here is a close-up of the final design I am working on the other 15 of these that I need and deciding which piece to make next. I shall keep these pages updated as often as I can as to where I am. Hope you all like the idea and whats been made so far. More to come!
  8. Very nicely done Kara. Looks a good length too - how long did it take you roughly?
  9. Sorry to confuse everyone reading this. When I said beads I should have said bean bag beads. They are simple, fire retardant, polystyrene beads. I buy a bag of them (about 0.5 cu. ft) for about £3 or roughly $5-6. They last for ages and give better shaping and lighter weight than a fabric filling. If the gauge is small enough then you can use these without having to use a sock or something. Other ways i have used them is to line the inside with a polyester filling and use the habico beads to fill it as a centre. This works great too. I guess it totally depends on what you are making and who its intended for.
  10. With the knit being so small and tight there is no need for anything to hold the beads in, although on the larger ones knit with bigger needles then definitely they should be in tights/stockings or something. Luckily this time I didnt need to do that.
  11. Thanks - glad you like. I am tempted to make a really big one for my niece's birthday, which is the beauty of the pattern. So so simple.
  12. BleenEyes


    Hugs y'all. I have been gone far too long. My last post way back in September seems much longer, but I have not been well since the end of October with voice problems. Still not right but getting there and hopefully be back to full stereo volume soon. Anyway, thats not the reason I'm here I have a number of projects I am currently working on, more of which I shall post in the next few days/weeks. Today is a simple, quick and fun litte thing I made up yesterday. I have been dying to use this really bright orange yarn I came across and found the perfect way! My little snake is made up with 3mm needles, filled with habico beads and a little creative stitching to help with the curves. Position can be changed somewhat for this one but I didnt want this version too flexible. Could easily be made with a pipecleaner and some general stuffing for total flexibility. Great for the kids or just for the fun of it. Enjoy.
  13. Hi Hope you don't mind if I add this to the KAL. Just finished it http://crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=61922
  14. Hello to everyone! I'm doubly happy today. Have just finished my first baby bootee (minus button) so thought I would get you all some piccies and see what you all think. Second reason I am happy is that I am off to Rhodes, Greece with Anthrilliel tomorrow for a week. Will get you all a postcard Will be taking the Sirdar sweater/jumper I am working on for her to test the fit so far. My only chance so why not use it... Anyway - PICS : Hope you like! See you all when we're back ----
  15. Hi there. Nobody seems to have answered so I will throw my penny in. I've been on a few of the 'so-called' book clubs - you know, the kind that come as leaflets with magazines. Nice ranges and things but the prices you will find are always inflated. My advice would be to search on places like Amazon.co.uk and find them there. Next time you grab a leaflet from a mag, just search for the book - price differences are scary. At time of typing there are some price drops on amazon too for certain books I have searched on. Was there anything in particular you are looking for? I won't be here for another week but I will help if I can once I return.
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