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  1. very pretty! thanks for the sewing tip! I sewed the liner by hand!
  2. nice! I have just made one of each , have some afghans to finish and then back to these babies!!!!
  3. gorgeous! I love the way you have done your zip closure!
  4. Love both of them! super like!!!
  5. Hello everybody, Though I am not new here , I have been a lurker and I wish to change that. Hence the re-introduction:). I am Jayanthi from India and have been addicted to crochet for close to 19 years! I love both yarn and thread though our climate is more suited to work with thread:) I am making a resolution to be more involved at C'ville in 2012 and looking forward to it! hugs Jayanthi
  6. this has turned out so well! How many flowers did you use? I have been accumulating these flowers!!!
  7. This is lovely! would love to test this for you!!! Jayanthi
  8. Thanks so much for sharing the lovely pattern! I am going to try it in thread and make a quick coaster out of it:) can't wait to finish an afghan lol
  9. Will be following this thread! it is amazing!
  10. this is an awesome bag! I already sent you a pm!
  11. Which one of Dot's pattern is this? you have made it very nicely.
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