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  1. Hello and welcome~I also grew up in FON du LAC. I now live in Ft. Lauderdale FL, but remember a wonderful childhood in Wisconsin. I miss the smells. And the people.
  2. I saved that advice into a crochet file, where I keep special instructions. Thanks so much. I did sort of the same thing, except i used liquid starch. I was rather limp and did not have that "stand up" that my Grandmother's doileys had. Now I know.......Thanks Anty M.
  3. Sometimes all I need to do is look through a pattern book at the yarn store, and there I go. Or not. I take breaks to read good books too. I don't want to miss out on any of the things i love.
  4. Hello from the Ft.Lauderdale area of Florida. I lived in OXFORD ENGLAND FOR 10 years. I am still 1/2 Brit and lovin' it! Welcome!
  5. I am originally from Wisconsin also, grew up in Fond du Lac. I loved it there. Great childhood. I am now in Florida, in the Ft. Lauderdale area. I love Florida and could never go anywhere else, unless ofcourse we get another one of those (#$%^&*%^&*^&%^&*())I(*&U(*&^^%) like we did last year, then we may have to go! I can't use the word here, I think it is bad luck. I commented on your webpage, your blog. I love your dogs! I can't believe that spammers got onto your blogspace, how can they? How dare they!
  6. I got my book and I really love it. I think someone else had mentioned that the book has pages (and pages!) of crochet instructions. All the stitches, and methods, etc. I know it is helpful to those learning how to crochet, but there are so many books to teach how to crochet. I wish my book had come without all those instructions. Aside from that, I really like all the patterns in the book and am very happy to have it. I would definitely reccommend it! :clap
  7. Hi and welcome from the Ft.Lauderdale area!
  8. Welcome! My name is Linda also, been crocheting about the same time as you but no hiatus. I did not get into the card making although i thought of it many 100's of times. Welcome!
  9. Try the K hook and see what you come up with:yay
  10. Ok, I will happily join Crochet Addiction Group. I can be the treasurer, ok, we have zero money but as long as we have yarn, patterns, hooks, computer, and Crochetville we are fine. If your husband really thinks you have too much yarn, you need to learn rule number 3. HIDE EXCESS YARN. The magic thing to do if your husband says you crochet to much is turn off the tv and say, LET'S JUST TALK. (LOLOLOLOL). Just kidding, I have a great supportive husband. ONE time he made the mistake of saying the 5 worst words to me. You have too much yarn. I have pictures of friends of mine that sent pictures of entire rooms filled to the top with yarn. If I am not crocheting while watching tv he says, "What's wrong?"
  11. I ordered the book from Amazon, now I just have to wait. When I have a pattern or book coming I am always waiting for the mailman. Now I am excited!!! Reading all the comments from everyone, as to the cool things in the book, well I am totally looking forward to it. As far as the knitting vs. crocheting thing goes, you know, my Godmother, she is also my Aunt, used to knit, and I cannot possibly put it down. The patterns and the stitches she did were absolutely gorgeous! I belong to another forum and we have a knitter that i was so fortunate to meet in person a few years ago. She had the absolute most gorgeous baby sweaters, they were all the modern cool looking sweaters, well, in my opinion they were, lol!!! I don't knit, as I said, I learned to crochet as a child and I wouldn't take to learning a whole new habit I don't think. As for thinking one is better than the other, oh hog wash. They are both beautiful, and I wish I had learned both. I love old fashioned embroidery, I learned that from my Gramma when I was about 12. I still love it and love to look at the patterns on ebay. The new ribbon embroidery is so pretty. I have a very good friend in TX that does all kinds of embroidery with the fancy machines, she sews all of her own clothes and her childrens fashion "wants" and the embroidery and lace work she can do is killer. She tells me that there are many forums and sites for those embroidery "freaks" as there are crochet. They go crazy for patterns/free patterns/shared patterns on the forums and sites. We are all of the same breed I think. I for one am very glad I am one of this breed, as we stand apart from the non-hobby people. Isn't is a great thing??? :cheer
  12. Oh you quacked me up!! Faster than Lily Chin on acid!!! :lol :lol LMAO!!!
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