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  1. It's really nice. Like the teal color.
  2. I made this Hello Kitty Bag for my dd who is nearly three. I used dk yarn and 5mm hook. :hookDid not follow any pattern but had a hello kitty drawing at hand. She loves it:cheer and wants a "Dora" bag next.
  3. Many thanks to the elf in California who sent me three lovely pairs of purse handles. Oh, I love them and hope to put them to good use soon. Thanks again.
  4. There is a Tour de France KAL as well as a Tour de Fleece, a spin-along during the Tour de France on ravelry.
  5. These are used in mirror embroidery as a poster above pointed out. Quite common in Pakistan. Local craft shops sell them.
  6. That's simply awesome! great work!
  7. Very pretty, edging is a nice touch!
  8. Very pretty, lovely color too!
  9. Hi, I'm in Pakistan. I participated in Holidays in July last year and had a wonderful time. Here is my wishlist: - Yarn of any color, amount or type (wool, acrylic, cotton, bamboo, silk, blends). We have a limited supply of acrylic here, so I am very appreciative of any yarn I receive. - Any crochet hook or knitting needles (straight, circular, dpns) you might like to get rid of. - Purse/bag handles, magnetic closures. - Beads and buttons. thank you for reading
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