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  1. Doris Chan has pictures up on her blog! Linked here
  2. Sure, I'd love to! Here it is in the UPS store where I stood and crocheted for 20 minutes to add the latch closure. I didn't stop working on it until there were literally minutes before the truck was leaving! This is the best detail photo I could manage within the size constraints and trying to figure out my new computer A view of the lining made from a discarded curtain It kind of has two linings. I used plastic needlepoint canvas to create a rigid form and the outside of the plastic canvas "box" needed to be lined because you can see through the openings in the poptabs. So it is covered with a pink sparkily fabric I had on hand. It will eventually go to my mom as a very late mother's day gift.
  3. Amy, Did you see me up there on that list? Wow! I have no words. Actually I do have two words for you - thank you. Wait, they should be bigger - THANK YOU! I know I wouldn't have made the big push to finish my purse and send it off if you hadn't encouraged me at Stitches Midwest last month. It meant a lot to me.
  4. Wow! That is such a transformation. Do you have any information about your pressure washer? I've never seen one before and I'm intrigued. I tried google but all I got was the tools that pressure wash decks and windows.
  5. That is inspiring work! Thanks for sharing it.
  6. No need for sorry at all! I am glad you inspired me to make a final push and finish. I feel great now.
  7. Ha ha ha ha! I laugh at the irony. I just got back from overnighting my entry following an all out marathon few days getting it finished in and among the beginning of the school year. I've hardly had time to eat let alone check out the crochet inner webs. I had played around with the idea of submitting this particular project but hadn't gotten around to it. Then I spent some time last weekend at Stitches helping out at a booth for a national crochet association (which shall remain nameless) and the charismatic leader of said organization (who shall also remain nameless) encouraged me to finish and enter. Wish she had know about the delay then I'm glad it's done and off anyway. Now I get to decide what's next...
  8. That's really pretty. Some baby is going to get really lucky
  9. Love this! I love that it is so light and airy. Nice job
  10. Looks great! And well balanced. I like that you cut the green a little short.
  11. I love Uncommon Threads! I have 5 shows taking up space on my TiVo I wish they covered crochet every day. It seems like about a third of the shows are crochet projects. I thought the event plaid was neat idea. I also just liked the idea of weaving in strips like that - maybe in a scarf of something.
  12. I am in LaGrange - really close to the Brookfield Zoo. My DH went to H.S. in Beecher - class of - '89
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