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    CROCHETING! and collecting crocheting patterns. I also collect yarns of all kinds.
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    baby afghans and graphed afghans

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  1. crazycrochet

    Leisure Arts Digital Library

    I found it this morning, it is on the Leisure Arts site, right where kraftynkrazy said it was. Got my patterns ordered. Thanks
  2. crazycrochet

    Leisure Arts Digital Library

    Has Leisure Arts Digital Library folded? I have not been able to find it at all. I would really like to order a couple of patterns off it. Thanks in advance
  3. crazycrochet

    Hello Kitty Purse

    I made this for a 4 year old Hello Kitty fanatic. She loved it.
  4. crazycrochet

    Green and Purple Set

    This is a set I made for a friends daughter. She saw me working on the scarf in different colors and loved it. I ended up making her a scarf, hat, fingerless gloves and a mini messenger bag in purple and green. The bag is lined with bright green material. I didn't get a picture of it.
  5. crazycrochet

    Jungle Baby Afghan

    It is from Chell's Crochet on Etsy.
  6. crazycrochet

    Jungle Baby Afghan

    This is a Jungle Baby afghan I made for a friend, she is going to be a grandmother for the first time. The theme of the nursery is Jungle Babies. I now have orders for 2 more of them. Jungle Babies seem to be in this year for babies.
  7. crazycrochet

    Mona Lisa Afghan

    Thank you, I can't wait to try it.
  8. crazycrochet

    Half single crochet

    I hopefully will have the pattern in my hands tomorrow, so I can see what it says with my own eyes.
  9. crazycrochet

    Half single crochet

    That is why I told her to get the pattern so I could see it. I told her it was a slip stitch, but she kept saying half single crochet. I will let you know what the pattern says.
  10. crazycrochet

    Half single crochet

    I got a phone call from my cousin today and she said a friend of her's had a pattern with a half single crochet stitch in it. I said are you sure, and she said yes. I told her to get the pattern so we could see it, and that I would look around and see if I could find something on it. Has anyone ever heard of it or know where I can find information on it? Thanks in advance.
  11. crazycrochet

    Graph help...

    Vist Kim Guzman's site www.crochetkim.com She has an great tutorial on graphs. Go into her section called resources, there is a great section on how to crochet from a graph. That is where I learn how to do a graph. Kim is also a Crochetville teacher.
  12. crazycrochet

    Simple Round Ripple With No Gaps

    :hugTHANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
  13. crazycrochet

    Tea Wrap

    Not really. I thought that is went very fast. Maybe you were tired, give it another try.
  14. crazycrochet

    Tea Wrap

    I added a closeup of the stitch pattern.
  15. crazycrochet

    Tea Wrap

    Cooper was a rescue also. He is 2 and we have had him for a year.