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  1. Hi Dax, I got your email....I would be happy to try helping but it's been a couple of years since I did the pattern. The fastest way to get help is to email Carolyn Christmas (Gourmet Crochet) and ask her for help! Good luck!
  2. Hi, this looks like a fun CAL....I think I may join you!
  3. I started last week and it's a quick easy pattern to follow...so unless I decide I don't like the yarn I'm using, I'll still be working on it this week! Hope you're having a good weekend!
  4. Thanks so much for joining me! I'm looking forward to seeing what yarn you use!
  5. I am going to be starting this pattern this week.....http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/80848AD.html?noImages=0 and was wondering if anyone would like to join me! It's a free pattern and looks quick and easy to make. I am sticking with my goal to only use yarn I already own so will be going thru my stash to see what I have. Wanna join me?
  6. Got it this time! Thanks! I like it with the roses....love how it turned out!
  7. Que, love your color combination!! I finally decided to frog my scarf....just couldn't stand working with the Fishermans yarn and even worse, wearing it...scratttchhhyyyy! :(So now I'm looking at some of my softer nicer yarns and am going to restart this week.
  8. Welcome! I think the scarf would be perfect in that color!!
  9. Thanks LeaAnne! Have fun at your SuperBowl party!
  10. It sounds beautiful Tracey! I am finished the scarf and am getting ready to start on the roses and leaves.
  11. Darski, love the scarf AND matching hat!! Beautiful in those colors! Tracey, would love to see this pattern turned into a jacket or shrug!
  12. Oh, I love that you already got to wear your scarf! Mine is coming along but it's slow going...the yarn just isn't very nice to work with but I love the color. I already had it in my stash so this pattern is perfect for using it up but I can't wait to make it in a softer yarn!!
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