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  1. That commercial is so darn annoying, I would have to NOT buy it based in its annoying factor almost as bad as "Billy Mays here for........" UGH! but it would be nice if it wokred as advertised. post details once you get and use it please?
  2. Thanks baby, I love you too!!!!! another day down, few more to go..... this time next week, I should be on my way to you...
  3. For 9-11, this was our commanders message to our unit here in Iraq, I omitted names... its a PG-13 rating, for those sensitive types Today is September 11th, 2007. It's been six years since we were attacked. In my humble opinion, your mission is righteous and just; hunting down and killing the murderous bastards that would destroy our Nation, our way of life, and our families is the right thing to do. I can think of nothing more honorable than sacrificing on behalf of and protecting our American Brothers and Sisters who rest easy today because you are on the front line of our Nation's defense, acting as their guardian. Col MXXXXXX and I are inspired by your dedication, your self-sacrifice, and your volunteer service. We are very proud to serve by your side - when our Nation needs us most. You are America's next "Greatest Generation", and when I'm lying on my death bed, surrounded by friends and family, I will warmly recall the days we spent together in Iraq - defending America. As you conduct your mission today, take a moment and pause to remember our fellow Americans who perished in the September 11th attacks, and our warrior Brothers and Sisters from all Nations who made the ultimate sacrifice on the field of battle. Godspeed to all of you, and our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines who have answered the call to duty. God Bless you, your families, and the United States of America.
  4. Just an update..... almost out of here, my tour nearly complete!!!!! Get ready Kathy, Ill be home soon!!!!!!
  5. Kathy, I tried emailing all day but I guess email from here is down, just needed to say happy monday to you and I love you.
  6. WOW, thanks everyone for the kind words. Its nice to know there are so many folks that support us as we all do this mission. I know a lot of folks feel we should pull out now.... sometimes I do too. But I am here surrounded by some of the best America has to offer, it feels good to be doing the mission! Missing my wife and family aside, theres no place I'd rather be than here doing what i train stateside for. Fight them here or back home..... I'd rather do it here! I see young marines, older soldiers, airmen and navy folks here..... walking with thier rifles, heads held high knowing that we're supporting our brothers and sisters "outside the wire". Each time a jet takes off here I stop what i am doing, watch as it reaches for the sky and think to myself "go get'em guys" knowing that today, we're going to ruin some insurgents day! Thanks again for all the kind words, no wonder Kathy comes to crochetville so much...... you have a close community! ESM
  7. She is Amazing, very supportive and loving. She is my soulmate for life and overall a good woman.
  8. "mascot"...... I guess I have been called worse Oh yeah, I stay hydrated...... lots of water and sun tea, which is easy to make here
  9. I just wanted to show just how much I love her and I was hoping it would make her smile. I hope you ladies didnt mind me using this forum to do so? It was 115 degrees here today, 124 in the sunlight
  10. Hello, I am serving with the US Air Force in Iraq. I am here on a volunteer tour and I am proud to be here doing my job, serving my nation. My Wife ( I dont know her screen name) comes to this forum all the time and I am hoping that she sees this. I just wanted to tell her that I love her very much and miss her terribly. while I dont know her screen name, my screen name gives it away and she'll know who I am!!! ( or at least she better) So Kathy, keep on 'a crocheting, Ill be home before you know it! All my love, Ejection Seat Mechanic
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