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  1. I guess they want me to go in for Xrays and they put me on pain meds that make me all loopy and do nothing for the pain. I'm going on 2 weeks of pain its weird. The Dr. told me I could continue to crochet as long as I'm lying down. I laugh at the lying down part cause I have a 2 year old and there isn't much laying down time for me.
  2. Well at least I know I'm not the only one LOL! Its been a week of this intense pain so I doubt its actually from the crocheting. No matter what my SIL says. I am soooooo addicted to crocheting that I actually only stopped for one day and then Ive been crocheting lying down in bed LOL!!!! I need it to relax!
  3. I've been working really hard on a baby afghan for my husband's cousin's baby shower. I tend to sit for hours at a time without moving cause I want to finish it. Last Friday I started having pain in my keft side of my back. It felt like a pulled muscle or something. So I waited to see if it got better. It only got worse. SO worse it hurts to sit for more than a few minutes. So I went to the Dr. and the Dr. thinks I tore a muscle or as she put it damaged something. So I have to go for xrays and things to figure out what happend. I was talking to my SIL and she said that maybe because I have bee
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