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  1. crosette

    Mrs Weasley's Sweater in Harry Potter...

    Someone posted links to two pretty good pictures on Craftster. Is it ok to post the links here? If not, I'll get rid of them. http://www.veritaserum.com/galleries/albums/cos-screenshots/0068.jpg http://www.veritaserum.com/galleries/albums/cos-screenshots/0069.jpg
  2. crosette

    Darice Handles?

    But I put in the "...it wasn't already there. Would that still be what it is? Thanks
  3. crosette

    Darice Handles?

    Does anyone know what size the bag handles are for these Pretty Purses from the Coats and Clark website? The handles for the crochet bags are "Darice 1972-11" and "Darice 1972-09". Anyone know what that is? Thanks in advance.
  4. crosette

    Navajo Skies Treasure Sack

    Yay! Thanks!
  5. crosette

    Rinky-Pink Treasure Sack

    OMG! Yay!! I've been wanting to make something like this! Thank you sooo much!
  6. crosette

    Baby Girl Sleeper Set

    Thanks It's not really rude....It's my mom's friend (kind of) and I made it pretty much as a favor not really as a gift b/c she couldn't afford to buy one. My mom also had a blanket she could have to take to the baby shower....she took that instead. I guess it's better that she didn't take it if she thought it was too small. But still.....
  7. crosette

    Baby Girl Sleeper Set

    Thanks, guys. I just called my mom to see if the lady liked it and she didn't take it.....she said it looked too small. My mom said that everyone who sees it asks if it's for a doll or something. Whatever, man. omg I've been making these booties with a G hook and that yarn ....it sucks. This pattern uses an I hook, though, so it wasn't too bad. I used the Baby Girl Sleeper Set pattern.
  8. crosette

    Baby Girl Sleeper Set

    I made this Baby Girl Sleeper Set in ~4.5 hours this morning except for end weaving...my mom's going to do it. She needed it for someone at work who needs it for a baby shower this weekend. I used Bernat Baby Coordinates in White and Pink (it's squiggly and shiny). (Clickable pics) Ok.....bedtime.
  9. crosette

    Skinny Scarf...

    Here are a few: Crochet Spiral Scarf - This one is ruffly...but skinny. Shelly Scarf - This one doesn't say what the width is but it looks kinda skinny to me. Single Double Double Stitch Pattern - This one is worked lengthwise and can be made any width. Hearts in a Row Scarf Here are a few more: Vertical Stripe Scarf - This one's worked uh....vertically so you could stop whenever you want. Alternating Windowpanes Scarf - Versions 1 and 3 are both 4" wide. Christmas Skinny Scarf Northwoods Skinny Scarf Shells and Waves Skinny Scarf
  10. crosette

    Oh my, Jackie!!

    "WOW" is right! They're all really pretty.
  11. crosette

    Off Mosquito commercial

    I've seen that commercial...it's funny. Um...but I've never noticed the granny square blanket. I'll be on the lookout!
  12. crosette

    grinding teeth

    They've talked about this pattern on Craftster a bit. There are some step by step pictures, too! Please Help Me Need 5 Space Help
  13. crosette

    Halter Top and Hat

    I used Caron Simply Soft. I don't know if they are hot and itchy. This one is for my niece and I've made her one other but I don't think she's worn it.
  14. crosette

    Halter Top and Hat

    Here's another Chelle's Full Skirt Halter Top. The hat is BeppyCat's Flapperish Cloche Hat. I used CSS in Mango and Blue Mint. I made the hat to match but do y'all think it should have been mostly Mango like the halter? Or...maybe a Mango flower on it or something? Also, if I make a bag to match, should it be Mango or Blue Mint or both?? (clickable pics )
  15. crosette

    Hip Ear Flap Hat

    I like this one. Is it cool enough?