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    Connie Yang
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    I got to know and learned crochet by chance in the summer holliday of the year 2000. I fell in love with it eversince.
    I start my crochet business in the year 2010. Hope to learn and share with you here.
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    Yoga, handwork, crochet, bike, music, reading, etc
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    Marketing Director
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    baby items, lace work
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    since summer of year 2000
  1. Oh my god! I love your house with so much joyful crochet toys!
  2. I love them with the dry twigs. I always find crochet items much more beautiful and attractive when matching well with other materials. Really love your idea. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Great work. It's lovely!
  4. Wow, really amazing work! I'd never be so tallented! Congratulations for theres artful works!
  5. The small pieces can well decorate Christmas tree. It's also good idea to hang the bell on cellphone or bag. The apple, goose, and the girl can also be special bookmarks. The hearts can be place mats or cup holders. You can just use them as you like.
  6. I'm inspired by crossstich. Why not decorate wall with my crochet pieces?
  7. I saw someone showes a similar belt, and I figured out pattern from the picture and made my one. It's really gentle and lovely. I like it very much.
  8. I've made few similar summer hats for my friends and this one is for me:) I like wearing red hat and scarf in winter. I'm hust short of yarn for the scarf to match my hats. The granny beanie is for my grandma in law. Hope she'll like.
  9. Very cool hats! I love the color.
  10. Great! Really cute purse! I love the color and the change to the tail which makes she more lovely!
  11. Thank you for viewing! I'm sorry but I don't have a pattern. I just saw a similar picture and I download it, enlarge to have a better view, studied, and finally I got a similar one.
  12. Good idea! It looks so nice!
  13. A useful doll on dest to clean your keyboard:cheer It's very easy to make, but I just don't know how to say.
  14. I got the pattern from a friend on one of my favarate forum. I just love it.
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