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    I am a stay at home mom of 4 beautiful children. I picked up a crochet hook in 2004 because my sister-in-law was learning and I thought I would try it. I fell in love right away and have been crocheting ever since.
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    crocheting and pattern designing
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    stay at home mom
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    finger puppets
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  1. This is my new scarf and the pattern is on my website: Hearts on a String Scarf. I hope you all like it; thanks for looking!
  2. Three of my four kids are huge Doctor Who fans. I made a 10th Doctor and an 11th Doctor finger puppet for my oldest daughter and my oldest son because those are their favorites. When my 3 year old saw those, he begged me to make the 4th Doctor for him. When I finished it, my son exclaimed "He's my best friend!" I finished this a few weeks ago but I wanted to share it here.
  3. I have a new pattern on my blog: Whale-iam
  4. So pretty, I was looking for a new pattern to do and I think I found it
  5. I added a new finger puppet pattern on my blog. Octavius the Octopus
  6. There's a new pattern up on my blog: Simple Birthday Crown
  7. Meet Owlwyn A new stuffed owl pattern up on my blog.
  8. That is super cute, I love the colors.
  9. That is so pretty. I love the colors!
  10. Very cool, I love how bright and colorful it is.
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