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    A genuine Welsh dragon but "emigrated" to England in January 2004 after meeting a lovely man online. After being made redundant in November 2011, I went into designing full time and while I don't "earn a living" from it, I do earn a regular income.
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    Cambridgeshire, England
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    Crocheting of course! I also silk paint and enjoy photograhy and ATCs.
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    Textile Artist, Crochet Designer.
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    Will try anything once!
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    Since about 1970 ish
  1. I crotat! I even write Crotat patterns. Would love a new board.
  2. Recently, I have taken on a couple of commissions whic bored me silly. One involved 306 small motifs made and joined in such a way that I had 612 ends to sew in. Not sure I would have said yes if I had realised that before hand!
  3. Mine does tend to complain when the little pile on the end of the sofa starts spreading but apart from that he is pretty easy going. I do tey yo keep it under control but............ The only other time he complains is when I am working on a commission and he asks me how much I am charging for it. Then he complains extremely loudly that I should have charged at least double for all the work going into it!!!!!!!
  4. I am not in London but I am in England!
  5. Thank you! I was very pleased at the way the photos came out. I wasn't able to use what I originally intended but my neighbours sundial made a unique jewellery stand.
  6. I have finished my "Crotat Jewels" http://www.enfys.me.uk/patts-crotat.htm#crotatjewels This pattern was in Inside Crochet in October 2011 but, as my six months are now up, I can republish. It is also due to be republished in the spring issue of "Love of Crochet".
  7. My new pattern - Barefoot Sandals. It contains nine designs with tips on adding beads for a bit of sparkle. Available on my site.
  8. Enfys


    All finished! Just waiting for the orders to flood in.
  9. Enfys


    Thank you! Unfortunately, the one I based this on died on me - and it was beautiful. But at least I have a lasting memory.
  10. Enfys


    Thank you for your order. I will be getting them done as soon as possible.
  11. Enfys


    In that case, you will be pleased to know that I have added the pattern to my site so you can pre-order. It isn't quite ready but all the crocheting is done, its just the paperwork to finalise. UK versions will be ready by Thursday and US versions ready by Friday as I have to translate to US terms.
  12. Enfys


    Thank you! The pattern is nearly finished so you will be able to make some yourself very soon.
  13. Enfys


    Here are the 1st 3 flowers.
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