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  1. This was probably the first one I didn't have to pull out and try again. I was very happy. From the dip I skipped one stitch, one you normally slip stitch in, and the next st, 7dc in the next stitch, sk st, sc in next st, sk st, 7 doubles. I do this edge on most my blankets, it just kind of works, and I change the number of sk st between the dc and the sc and it is usually pretty easy to vary it to work for your own blanket.
  2. My newest, I ran out of yarn for the edge, but it won't take much to finish. This is a gradution gift for my cousin. It is spread across a queen size bed.
  3. This one is just scraps of yarn I had, I wanted to see what it looked like with the black. And this one is a baby blanket for a little girl due in March.
  4. :manyheartOh, and I wanted to say thank you all! I had 2 done the end of September, and the rest have slowly worked their way to the finished pile. I am so glad to be 95% done with my Christmas crocheting!
  5. For an adult afghan 41 rows sounds close to good, it is a good size to sit on your lap and keep you warm. The green and white one I did for for an adult, and it has 44 rows, but that is the way the pattern kinda went. The purple and white is 30, and it is for my 3 year old niece. The others are all around 23 rows, and are for a 15, 13, 9 and newborn baby.
  6. Well, most of my christmas blankets are done and package away! Here are the recent accomplishments: And for a good friends baby due 1-1-08: For my brother in laws girlfriend: For my niece: These three are for cousins (2 brothers and their sister):
  7. Keep going and back track! Three rows of each until you end with the red, the first color you started with!
  8. Mel, the more work done on the blanket, it is growing on me! And the story, yeah, sounds like you find the right home for the blanket!
  9. Oh how beautiful! I am in the middle of one of the rainbow RR's, with the purple towards the middle and the red on the outside, and the white between. I love the look of the black!! The blue one looks great too! I love the varigated mixed into the RR's!
  10. I love the colors in your blanket! It is beautiful!
  11. Well, here is my last minute wedding blanket! It is spread across our queen size bed to check the size, I am adding another set of the white, green, white and then edging it in the green. I bought the yarn on Friday afternoon, and it will probably only be another day or two until it is finished.
  12. Here is another I just finished, took just over 2 days, 43" across. It is for my DD' s best friends birthday.
  13. Ok, so we were invited to a wedding, last minute... Old high school friend, we are close with his whole family, and his brother goes, are you coming to Tony's wedding? Well, we will let him know you are coming! *lol* I am trying to come up with and last minute gift and I was thinking of making them a RR, is cream a basic color that would go with anything, and that would be generally accepted?
  14. The whole thing is double stranded, which is the way to get the blended... I used, 1 pink, 1 orange, 1 yellow, 2 green, 3 blue, and 3 purple.... I did three rounds of each, the pattern I read on here, the person only used 2, if you do the two rounds, you may not need the extra blue and purples... I also used the N hook... BUT to try to explain the blended the way that I did it... 3 rounds pink, 3 rounds pink and orange (One strand of each), 3 rounds orange, 3 rounds orange and yellow, 3 rounds yellow, 3 rounds yellow and green, 3 rounds green, 3 rounds green and blue, 3 rounds blue, 3 rou
  15. Yes they are! Watermelon, Mango, Lemonade, Limelite, Blue mint, and Grape. The blue mint and grape don't look quite right in the picture... The real things is so much brighter!
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