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  1. Thanks for pointing me to that! I have finally joined Ravelry. I liked seeing the different versions. The pattern definitely allows for a variety of yarns.
  2. Hi there! If you, or anyone you know, has made this, I would be very grateful to see photos. I have never done hairpin lace crochet, but I have seen the video of the making of this shawl on youtube. I plan to make it for my sister's wedding in May, and I would also like to know how fast this makes up (pretty fast I gather). Thank in advance! Elizabeth http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/womans-hairpin-lace-shawl
  3. ElizaH

    star stitch crochet beret

    Thanks to you both, magiccrochetfan - I thought it might even be a knit stitch - after searching I found this: http://thewalkertreasury.wordpress.com/?s=open+star+stitch&searchbutton=go%21 which does look similar. I picked up another stitch library today (Good Housekeeping - second hand) and their star stitch is different too. They also have a "blossom stitch", which looks similar to the stitch in the beret. Oh well, might just have to swatch to see what looks best. Thanks again, Elizabeth p.s. I've got several beret patterns I can work from now, thanx!
  4. Hello all! This is such a cute beret: http://tinyurl.com/25hjpa My Crochet Stitch Bible (Betty Barnden) has the star stitch but it looks a little different. Would anyone know what exactly is the stitch used in this beret, and if there is a pattern out there very similar to this. I gotta make this! Thanx, Elizabeth