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    michele maks
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    been professionally designing k and c since 1985; former editor of Crochet World magazine; currently learning to deal with the challenges of MS
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    Phippsburg, Maine
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    What matters but yarn?
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    I am on long term disability due to an MS diagnosis
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    anything for babies; granny squares
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    since I was 8
  1. I won't take up too much space here- there's a larger post in indie businesses, complete with photos. If you're looking for an online alternative to the usual crochet subscriptions, I suggest you check us out. There are three free patterns to give you a taste, and a subscription will get you a dozen more right now, with more, more ,more coming every couple of weeks all year.
  2. While mainly crochet is a brand new business, the many people driving this bus have been in the crochet community for a very long time. Our mantra is "There must be a better way" and our goal is to produce patterns that are well written, innovative, well photographed, and a pleasure to stitch. A $24/ year subscription gets you pattern streams every two to three weeks, all year long. We've started with a dozen, and three free patterns to tempt you, with the promise of so much more to come. Check us out at www.mainlycrochet.com You'll be glad you did! Designs shown by Kathryn White, Sue Solakian, Melissa Leapman, and Shari White. Photography by Don Patty and Peter Thompson.
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