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  1. Thanks to you all! I just slip-stitched it up, but I went back over the seam with another line of slip stitch and matched it on the other side of the bobble row. So one of the raised rows is the seam, and the other is a match to it. (I didn't end up doing 3 rows of bobbles, just the one in the middle). Hope that kinda makes sense.
  2. I finally finished this. It's just one long rectangle joined with a half-twist in the back. (makes a mobius strip--a two sided piece that becomes one sided). All back loop sc. The yarn is Knit Picks Elegance (70% baby alpaca/30% silk) in Ash held together with J.&P. Coats silver metallic thread, size #10. Here are the blog links for details: http://crochetobsession.mycrochetblog.com/?p=34 http://crochetobsession.mycrochetblog.com/?p=32
  3. wow...that is a lot of work. Labor of love, I'm sure, but wow...
  4. When I don't feel like getting the tripod out, I sit or lean against something solid (wall, floor) or put the camera on something solid, hold my breath when shooting, and take several pictures when not using flash. I also have manual control of shutter speed and f-stop on my digital camera, but that's not needed to still be able to take non-flash pictures. Only one color: Homespun Praire. There is just that much variagation in the yarn.
  5. It is so worth it though! keep trying! you will get the hang of it! And when you wash that little sweater, the yarn just continues to get softer...
  6. This might be my favorite color combo. I really like it!
  7. I'm am going to do that someday! I'm inspired!
  8. Thanks, Roxanne, for showing me what these colors looked like for the "baby it's cold outside" sweater! It was neat to see yours before mine was finished. Here's mine. I was going for a very simple, streamlined kind of look:
  9. I've got lots of Homespun yarn leftover, so I thought I'd make a pillow! http://crochetobsession.mycrochetblog.com/?p=26 Special thanks to MaryMac who inspired me with her afghan!
  10. I made this hat several times with one skein needed for each one. Actually, you've got quite a bit left once you make the hat: http://crochetobsession.mycrochetblog.com/?p=12 http://crochetobsession.mycrochetblog.com/?p=25
  11. Goodness, it's practically a CAL! C'mon everyone! Let's all do this sweater! (Still working on mine!)
  12. I am making one in those EXACT same colors right now! I'll post it probably within a week or so. I thought the combination would look good. Now I know it will! Nice job!
  13. Thanks for asking! My husband's hat was part pattern/part winging-it. Here's the quote from the blog site: "I used mostly the hat pattern in the Interweave Knits 2004 Crochet issue ...I wanted the look of a rolled brim hat without the bulkiness. So I added a border of front-post stitch, then alternated front post and back post (every 3 stiches) to create a cabled look, then another border of just front-post. I added the earflaps after this point (earflap width was 19 stiches, 'I' hook). I then did a little chain to hold the toggle to pull the earflaps back by going back over the chain with slip stitches." My little boy's hat was pure winging it. I used dc instead of the hdc I used in my husband's hat. Then when I just finshed the top part, I stuck it on my kid's head while I marked where his ears were with bobby pins. (This is tough with a wiggly 3 year old!) Then just decreased stiches to form the flap part. If you have any other questions, you may post or email!
  14. I've done this hat twice now, and I'm thinking about doing it again! I love to see it in different yarns!
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