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    teach ESL at a community college, and adults with disabilities
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    20 years, since I was small, off and on
  1. Please join us on facebook for some awesome links to great patterns! Search for "Awesome Craft Pattern Links" on facebook and "like" us!
  2. http://www.meetup.com/JP-Knitting-Crochet-Meetup/ I have started a new meetup in JP near Boston. Please go to the above link for more info. There is no fee to join or attend.
  3. http://www.michaelscontest.com/uploads/537 Michael's crafts store is hosting a craft contest! As an active crocheter and craftwoman, I searched for projects to make. Please click on the link above to enter you own crochet porjects and to see my entry and to vote for me (Please scroll down below the picture and click on the five little snowmen!!)
  4. HI. I just moved to Boston and would like to introduce myself to all those Bostonians out there. I am putting together a yarn swap on Sat. if anyone is interetsed. That way, we can meet in person! The following website has more information: http://www.meetup.com/Boston-Yarn-Swap-Meetup/
  5. Here is the information about our fab free yarn swap, as posted in meetup.com. To RSVP, either email me at moepontiac@aol.com or go to http://www.meetup.com/Boston-Yarn-Swap-Meetup/ There is no charge for this event. All guests will be welcome. Children are welcome but please, Mom or Dad, watch them carefully. We will gather at the food court in The Shops at Prudential near Ben and Jerry’s with items we have that we wish to trade. You can bring yarn, pattern books, needles, hooks and other related items. Feel free to treat yourself to some ice cream beforehand, but we don’t want any Chunk Monkey getting on the chunky yarn . We will introduce ourselves and have a few minutes of friendly chit-chat before the fun begins. It is OK if you are shy. I can do the introductions for you if you wish. We will exchange our items so everyone can go away with some exciting new projects without spending any money! What could be better? There are a lot of details I should include so that it runs smoothly. We don’t want to turn into one huge knot of knitters. Here is how to prepare for this event: Go through your stash of goodies and choose items you can bare to part with. Please remember that someone else will trade for them, so please no little bits of yarn or items that are otherwise unusable. Please label each item with a number 1-10, one being the more inexpensive items and ten being the more expensive items. We will have some time to label items there, but it will help if you label items beforehand. Please label items clearly with tape around a rubber band or other similar device. Please put your name on every item. You will need to take items that are not traded at the end of the event. Each item will be Label them as follows: 1, 2 or 3: acrylic yarn, pattern pamphlets, inexpensive crochet hooks and other more inexpensive items 3,4, 5, 6: mid-priced yarn, fancy-shmancy hooks and needles, nice pattern books, etc. 7,8,9, or 10: yarn of the highest quality, needle or hook sets, hardcover books, etc. Each person will tally up the amount of “points” that their stuff equals (don’t feel weird about having few points; some stashes are just too precious to part with…)and then, when everyone has their points, we will look through the stuff and get stuff that equals our points. After we can sit and chat about what we plan to do with our second generation of yarn stash or about projects we are working on. Here are some guidelines that I ask everyone to follow: Please be fair and honest. This event will only run smoothly if everyone gives points to their items in a reasonable way and takes items in a reasonable way. Please be kind to everyone. Some people are fashionistas who know about the subtleties of flattering darts. Others like to make daisy toilet paper roll holders. Others mutter to themselves, “The bear goes over the mountain…” as they try to remember how to crochet. Please be welcoming of all our participants.
  6. Go to the above site to see the little baby sweater I designed!
  7. Want to see what NOT to do with a crochet hook and some yarn? Go here: http://chayacrafts.bravehost.com
  8. I want to do the same thing! i just started making mittens and am hooked! Sign me up!
  9. It looks really great! It goes great in that window, too.
  10. Here is my new website with all of the projects that I made during my long stint as a juror on a grand jury, and on the long commute to work: http://chayacrafts.bravehost.com/
  11. Here is the link to my new website with many of my crochet projects on it, including the pattern I designed for greeting cards made of fabric with an inserted motif. http://chayacrafts.bravehost.com/ scroll to bottom of page
  12. A great sweater for a great little child. Congrats.
  13. I know it is hard to find a pattern for something that is not fuzzy or frilly for the person in your life who is a bit subtle in styling. Here it is: For picture, go here: Pattern for Hat and Scarf Materials: 1 skein black Encore D.K. 50g 150 yards 2 skeins dark grey Encore D.K. 50g 150 yards Steel crochet hook USH8/5.00mm Abbreviations: Sc: single crochet Ch: chain Sl st: slip stitch Hdc: half double crochet BPdc: back post double crochet Scarf With DARK GREY: Ch 207 Row 1: sc in first and every ch across, ch 2, turn. Row 2: [hdc in sc, sl st in sc] across, ch 1, turn. Row 3: sc in each sl st and hdc across, ch 1, turn. Row 4: [sl st in sc, hdc in sc] across, ch 1, turn. Row 5: sc in each hdc and each sl st across, ch 2, turn. Rows 6-9: repeat rows 2-5. Rows 10-11: repeat rows 2-3 Fasten off. With BLACK (to make border): Sc around all four sides of scarf, being careful that the two long sides have the same number of sc. Round 1: hdc in each sc around with 3 hdc in each sc at each of the four corners Round 2: BPdc in each hdc around. Round 3-4: repeat rounds 1-2. Fasten off. HAT: With DARK GREY: Make a lip knot or ch 5. Round 1: 12 dc in ring. Round 2: 2 dc in each dc. Round 3: [2dc in dc, dc in next dc] around (36 dc in this round) Round 4: [2dc in dc, dc in next 2 dc] around (48 dc in this round) Round 5: [2 dc in dc, dc in next 3 dc] around (60 dc in this round) Round 6: [2 dc in dc, dc in next 4 dc] around (72 dc in this round) fasten off. WITH BLACK: Round 7: sc in each dc. Rounds 8-11: repeat rounds 1-4 of scarf border. Fasten off. With GREY: Rounds 12-20: repeat rows 2-5 of scarf TWO TIMES. Fasten off With BLACK: Rounds 21-27: repeat rounds 1-2 of scarf THREE TIMES. Fasten off.
  14. This is so beautiful. Can i have the pattern?
  15. This is so creative for your first design!
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