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    Tina Jastrzemski
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    I am an RN, married with three children active in my church
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    crocheting, reading beading baking and exercise
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    animals toys, shawls. dolls, learning afghans
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    summer of 2007
  1. How cute. I have made this pattern a few times, but hadn't thought of making a "hello there, Kitty" lol. Great job.
  2. OMG! How beautiful and creative. See, I need you guys to give me ideas. I will have to make one for a friend whose husband is going through radiation and chemo. What a beautiful "pick-me-up."
  3. That is beautiful and I am sure will be treasured.
  4. I am only seeing an advertisement.
  5. I just love these 'lil guys. Very cute!
  6. Tina M.

    190 Turtles

    What a great idea and very thoughtful.
  7. Is it too late to join this crochet-a-long, because I would love to join.
  8. You did a great job on everything. I love the flower and now have to make me some. lol.
  9. Thank you all for all your nice comments. I really thought it was fun to make. The ribbon or sash is about 21 inches long.
  10. This is a design from Bella Crochet's site. I now have it framed and hanging in my living room. I really enjoyed making it and just love her patterns. Thanks for looking, Tina
  11. That is so adorable. I like it better without the pins, too. lol
  12. Those are beautiful. I love how they turned out!
  13. Thank you all for your kind comments. I enjoyed making them.
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