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  1. I think I will try the tube way..the arms are cloth so I dont think they will slide too much. If I make it kind of snug...Thanks for yall's help and ideas...I shall post a picture of what I come up with....
  2. The arm folds down when you want to rest your arm and folds up when you dont want too. I was thinking of something that I can just slide over. Like putting on a sock or stocking...something he can slid on or off..
  3. A friend of mine just stopped by to show me his new pick up truck...It has two fold down arm rests and he was asking me if I could crochet some covers to go on them..Help...lol..I got the measurements but dont know where to start...He did say he didnt want open work in them so i guess that lets out squares..lol..I would be greatful for any ideas...Thanks so much..
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