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    Allena Williams
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    I teach how to Crochet and Knit at a local floral and gift shop and love it.
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    knitting, crochet, beading, stamping, baking, reading, watching movies
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    i like practical but beautiful
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    i taught myself in 2004
  1. Hi there, I've made up my own learn to crochet handouts. I think that on lion brand's website they say it's ok to print them out as long as you don't change (their advertisements are still on the page). I'd ask first though before doing it or see if they say anything? sorry if that's not much help
  2. Sorry that took so long for me to get you pix. I posted to my blog and linked to your blog and also etsy shop.. lets see if i can get some pix to work. if not... go to my flickr and you'll see them there I just have to share this one Here's my niece modeling them. they're a bit small on her but I made the baby size and she's 9 months ... enjoy. This pattern is really great I really didn't have too much problems with it. It was really well written and easy to make. I'll def be making them again!
  3. Just too cute! i love it!
  4. Thank you! it was fun to make and i think that my DH wants me to make him a pirates one! i know my friend loves it!
  5. welcome from johnstown PA!
  6. I finished my blanket a while ago and completely forgot:eek to update ya'll here:loser.. so sorry! I already gave it to my friend for her newborn son... My friend is holding the blanket. I'm not sure if i can get it to upload on this site... here's the link if that doesn't work. http://bp3.blogger.com/_I-zODmUgDX0/RifySWbteJI/AAAAAAAAAKc/TR7bGXMMI_M/s1600-h/pamandblanket.jpg I made it using caron simply soft midnight for the blue and white.. i used a H hook and SC the center square then i added the boarder to make it more interesting.. so what do you think? PS: as i was doing it my DH decided he wanted to try making a pirates one.. so i taught him how to SC and showed him how to do it.. i offered to make it for him.. he wanted to do it though... LOL he hasn't really done much. i think he gave up... LOL
  7. Those are awesome! i better not show my Dh, BIL & FIL b/c i'd have to make them one. LOL Living in steeler country here! you did a great job!
  8. What stitch are you using? the afghan or SC? either way your's afghan is turning out beautifully! keep it up!
  9. is this CAL still up and going? i hope so i just started a NY yankees baby afghan and then my DH wants me to start on a pirates one.. i read through this whole topic and want to thank everyone for their links and chatter it's helped me a ton!
  10. OH you can also go back and make the graph in the xl or lg size it will be bigger, but it will show you the detail and won't be so fuzzy. or you can "color" it when you print it out.. anyways HTH
  11. I am not sure if you are still watching this post. but this site for making graphs to crochet from. you can put your own pix in there and viola you can make something hopefully that can help you
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