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  1. That looks much nicer than the towel I throw over mine!
  2. Last year I was gifted with a large box of assorted yarns, all I believe, synthetic. There are at most three skeins of any particular color. I just didn't know what to do. I didn't have a lot of crochet time the last year anyways. I've recently picked it up again and decided to just go ahead and make scarves and hats and such in the hopes that either I will have a great gift stash or one day I will have enough to sell. Until those times come, how can I best store my finished items? Thanks.
  3. She's going to love it! Nice work.
  4. I agree with the granny square. For my last daughter I made a rectangular granny square using a rose as the main color with a matching purple and blue for accent. I think I did four rows of rose, two blue, 4 rose, 2 purple, 4 rose...repeat to desired size. I made sure to end with rose as it was the main color. Then did an edging of the blue and purple together. I was very pleased with it!
  5. That's lovely, thank you for sharing.
  6. The last time I signed in was September 9, 2008. At that time I had a newborn baby (my third child). Since then I have moved and dealt with a whole bucketfull of life. And oddly enough, we're getting ready to move again the end of August. I haven't had a lot of time for chrochet the last year, that's for sure. So I am a sahm of three, four and under, a wife of over 9 years. I like to crochet, read, cook, scrap, and too many other things!
  7. My suggestion would be to get on Ravelry and search out the Central NY group. I know they meet at least once a month, but I am not sure where these days. Just a few months ago, I too left the area, so I kind of lost touch.
  8. I am on there daily too, but I haven't update my project stuff in a very long time. Partially b/c I wasn't working on stuff due to morning sickness and a move. I really should get on and update that stuff.
  9. Hello! I was wandering through my "new posts" lists and saw this. I have spent the last few weeks working on a rectangle granny square blanket for my next baby girl who is due in August. I don't have any in progress pictures, but I am using Caron Simply Soft in a rose, country blue, and plum (?-a darker shade of purple). It won't be huge, but I want it to at least be crib sized. It's kind of slow going b/c I have a 3.5yr old, 1.5 yr old and a book club book that I haven't started yet that is supposed to be read by 7/1. Looking forward to seeing what ya'll are working on.
  10. Great project for that yarn. I've never seen that color offered as SS though, only regular.
  11. I am certainly no pro, but I recently made a stuffed monkey for a 7 month old boy and when it came to the eyes, I just used some black yarn to cross stitch some eyes. It doesn't look as good as something bought probably would, but at least I know he won't be swallowing them.
  12. I'd go register to join with Ravelry. There are a lot of local groups going there.
  13. Thia


    Hello again. I have been MIA for the past three months due to terrible around the clock morning sickness. Most of it has finally passed and I am just exhausted now. I haven't touched my hooks in as long as I haven't been here. Today is the first time I went through some yarns and untangled the two I want to use to make my son some slippers. My fingers are tingling in anticipation. Of course, by the time the kids fall asleep and I can crochet without their "help," I will be ready for bed myself. Lol. Brief over-view: I am a wife of almost 8 years, sahm to my daughter (3), my son (1.5), and expecting #3 midsummer. I like watching movies, listening to music, reading, writing, talking with friends, and I spend way too much time on the internet. You can find me over at Ravelry under the same name. Oh...been crocheting since 2000, but it was this past summer that I got serious and worked up the nerve to do something other than single crochet afghans. My current wips is a stuffed monkey and a stack of grannies. But I will do the slippers first.
  14. My dh and I use the same computer and we both have an extensive bookmark. In order to cut down on the mess, I moved all my favorites over to MSN. I started a "spaces" page, made it private, and I have all my sites there. I have different lists, so a list of crochet sites, a list of homeschooling sites, news sites...etc. Not only do I feel it is pretty safe there, but I can access my bookmarks from any computer!
  15. Thia


    He wants a dickie. I can't wait to check these sites out. Thanks.
  16. I have never done a pair of slippers with this type of sole...do they really hold up better?
  17. Thia


    My dh wants a dickie for his hunting grear. I was thinking I could probably crochet one. Before I run off and design one...does anyone have a pattern? No sense in recreating the wheel right now. Thanks.
  18. Amazing. Thank you for sharing.
  19. Crochet/guts, keep going! I think it's awsome that you crochet. As for the upstate thing, I grew up about 40 minutes north of "the city" and I remember when we vaca's in florida, someone asked me if I had ever seen trees before. I think I was 10 at the time. Sigh. Now, I am close to the central/northern ny border and laugh at orange county ppl who say they're from upstate.
  20. Fantastic! I will have to play around with this. Thanks for the idea.
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