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  1. You are officially my heroine Thank you! To funny that you got it on the same day, in the same way no less (not to mention only a state away!) I have the pattern book if you want to make an exchange
  2. Great idea, however :| doesn't seem to actually be the same. The Teneriffe wheel has little nobbins on the outside with which you wrap the thread around whereas the Polka spider web has holes through the wheel, and they are seemingly used to make the pattern (which brings up the question as to how the heck you get it off the wheel) and no nobbins thanks for the idea though.
  3. I know it's not considered Crochet, however, I've just gotten a Polka Spider web book of patterns and 2 wheels circa 1939 from an Auction... I have googled, and searched, and googled some more and unable to find ANYTHING that tells one how to use it (although one of the wheels already has a pattern started on it). Unfortunately the pattern book doesn't give any indicators as to how to use it other than to get the directions from the store where you bought it... ! yeah, ok . SO any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank ya
  4. Here are a couple photos of EM's frog ball. Congrats EM! I love the pattern, it's great Quick & Easy! (Not to mention you have NO idea how many "AWWWWWWWWWWWWS!!!!!!!!!!" I have gotten today with the people that have seen it ) Net http://s204.photobucket.com/albums/bb16/nettisue/?action=view&current=Frog.jpg http://s204.photobucket.com/albums/bb16/nettisue/?action=view&current=Frog2.jpg
  5. Next to Port Clinton here.
  6. That's lovely! I love the colors! hahaha, my first afghan was actually the first real thing I crocheted. Right when I was teaching myself to crochet. At the time I wasn't really good at reading the pattern and ended up doubling the pattern. The Afhan is big enough to cover my recliner and it was definitely a learning experience.
  7. Ok, so being a somewhat crochet newbie I'd never heard of that Russian Join, but thank you for posting the links! I love it! Looks like more steps, but a much smoother switch in color change!
  8. Absolutely Gorgeous! I'd definitely wear/buy it! Very nice job
  9. Ok... just a thought here, but that bag looks like it would be great for all those grocery store plastic bags as well. Great way to use up more of your old yarn
  10. Awww! That is too cute! Great Job!
  11. want one!! that's awesome!
  12. Isnt' it adorable! There is a doggy one too that I made Too freakin cute. Perfect for the wee one on the go I had a heck of a time with the robe! The pattern that I downloaded was seemingly WELL above my head and there was a point that I just flat out couldn't figure it out. So at that point, I just winged it. Thankfully it turned out great. Made one for each of my younger two. Thanks
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