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  1. Great idea. I'm printing one (or two) now.
  2. I do this occasionally and it is next to impossible to remove!
  3. I've made several of these in the past and they really are fun as well as working up fast. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Adorable dolls. Great work. Thanks for sharing your patterns!!!
  5. I also have a KitchenAid stand mixer and have resorted to covering it with a linen bread cloth with bright red cherries on it. I've had it (the cloth) for years and never used it for what it was intended. Looks good on the counter!!!
  6. I'm 66 and have been crocheting since I was around 10 yrs old. I love to make doilies, baby blankets and afghans. My mother crocheted and we learned to knit at the same time back in the 60's. (I prefer crocheting.) Both of my daughters have learned to crochet, but their lives are busy and don't practice as much as I do. At least, I feel I have passed it on to them. I have enjoyed reading all the posts and stories.
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