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  1. Just to say a big thanks to Glenda my swap partner for a fabulous parcel with yarn, a bag, a book and more. I would take a piccie but my camera is playing up at the moment. Heidi
  2. I've made my first felted hat ... and it's not turned out bad! I got some very chunky 'slub' style wool in a creative pack and didn't know what to do with it ... and then I had the idea of a felted hat ... if it didn't work I wouldn't have lost anything. It's three colours because there wasn't enough of any one colour in the pack to make a full item. (more pictures in my scrapbook - link below) Now I'm wondering what else to felt!! My husband fancies a felted beanie. Heidi
  3. I have my parcel! Thank you so much JennyBunny. I have two lovely scarves, gorgeous pink wool - perfect for making another scarf - and an unusual crocheted tote. Jenny - what is the tote made from? It looks to be plastic bags ... but if so, how was it done? Once again, thank you sooooo much. Your parcel was posted this morning and is coming via AirSure (which means it should be on the next available mail flight to the USA). Heidi (hjeidi)
  4. Thank you Aiea (Shel). I received my 'purple-red' parcel on Monday with a lovely clear plastic washbag and toiletries. The plastic travel bottles will be really useful when I am travelling as part of my job. Thanks again Shel.
  5. The vegetable sack delivered by the farm shop last week had bright purple cauliflowers in it ... I was very tempted to send one of those to my partner! The lack of purple in the shops has also had me seriously considering the aubergines as well .... Anyway, I think I am nearly there now ... so get ready Aiea! Heidi
  6. I received my swap package from Craftimama yesterday. A gorgeous blue doily and two cute smaller white doilies ... plus a book ( a murder mystery), yarn and sweeties. Thank you so much Juli .... the book will be going with me on Mon/Tue as I'm off to our North-East office yet again for a couple of days, and I'm busy working out where to put the doilies to show them off to best effect. Heidi (hjeidi)
  7. Hi Juli / Craftimama For some reason my email replies to you are bouncing back from your server tonight ... don't know what's going on but it claims to be a permanent error ... so here's my reply to your email: *************************************** Hi Juli I've seen Bones .... not nearly as good as the books but very watchable. Problem is when I read a book I develop a very strong mental image of each character including what they look like ... for that reason a televised version never quite lives up to the book ... or very rarely. I'll pop a Susanna Gregory and a Peter Tremayne in your box .... and if you like Kathy Reichs you will love Linda Fairstein - the first one in her series is called Final Jeopardy. She writes about a female deputy DA in New York. I also have a large pile of Agatha Christie ... I grew up reading her books and watching Miss Marple on the TV. I also grew up watching Dr Who (but from behind the sofa). My first husband (I'm divorced and remarried) was a mad Dr Who fan ... we had an original Darlek in the front room and a Cyberman mask and chest pack! My address was correct on the information send at the beginning of the swap. TTFN Heidi
  8. Just a big thankyou to Aunt Bubbels for hosting the swap (I applaud your organisational skills ) ... and to my partner HappyBunny . It was a wonderful first experience in swapping and very enjoyable. My scarves made an appearance at the annual staff development conference this week and were much admired . Heidi
  9. It's at the post office waiting for me ... so frustrating!!! Now the big question is - can I make it to the post office after work before they close? I finish work at 5(ish). They close at 5.30pm, I pick my hubbie up at 5.05pm (if he's on time) and depending on traffic it can take between 10 and 20 min to get home ..... I'll post later if I make it!! I MADE IT!! I was surprised by the size of the box (large) ... and delighted with the contents! 2 scarves (one in pink lavender and one silver) with spare wool, and a pattern, and a hook roll, and a notepad, and needles. Thank you sooo much Happy Bunny. I love them all!! Heidi (wishing my parcel would reach you!!!!)
  10. Very pretty colours. Heidi
  11. I love it! The colour on my PC looks to be a beautiful baby pink or salmon. I'm so pleased the pattern worked out for you ... I've just done another shawl cardigan but in cotton for summer http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=78097 ... I like simple patterns. Heidi
  12. This is my first swap and I've just discovered how frustrating it is ..... I want to get started!!! I soooo want to know my partner's colour and yarn preferences, because I want to go shopping! I keep seeing yarns and patterns that I love ... but dare not start in case they don't suit my partner. I'm not sure I can last .... I might just have to start regardless .... I can always get ahead on the presents for birthdays In the meantime, I am working on the WIPs I have almost finished off but got distracted from. Heidi
  13. I'm making one in cotton at the moment ready for summer ... if you wait a short while I will post it and the pattern. Really you can use any yarn and stitch pattern simply by creating three rectangles to roughly the sizes given, sewing together with gaps for armholes, and then adding arms. Heidi
  14. Brim up flower on front - beautiful! Heidi
  15. I sub the pattern quite frequently - as long as the yarn crochets to a similar tension you should be fine. The length per 50g is one of the key indicators I use to work out whether or not the wool will substitute ok and then an eye on the overall dimensions to work out where to create the armholes. Heidi
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