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  1. I was able to get some good done over the weekend for my partners ..... ???? is done and ???'s are done, started adding a few ?'s then the fun part of ?????? then I'll be done with this little goodie Lots & lots of snow melted dureing the weekend and I see a few tips of my tulips and my mini daffodils are starting to pop
  2. This sounds like fun count me in. I'm going to go through some of my patterns tonight hopefully I'll find the perfect one to try and get started on
  3. We're in for a heat wave this wekend too ......hopefully no more skateing down my driveway
  4. I started working on my partner's projects .So far I'm doing pretty good hopefully I'll have half of something, something done over the weekend My word is sailboat
  5. swimming Snow is all cleaned up ... our house & next door nieghbors (she's 88) Body is starting to relax .. I'm listening to King Crimson I have a pattern all picked out thanks to something thepunkrockinchick had in her survey Kidget wants some spring .. I think the pattern will surprise & delight both of you ........ :hookHopefully my fingers will work for me tonight after all the cleanup
  6. I can't send you any of our shovels or rock salt we're playing the waiting game here right now, maybe come Sept I can send them your way ..... wind chill is 5 and wind gusts at 20mph right now and Our "Blizzard warning " starts at 7pm
  7. :cheer I get to send some sunshine instead of snow to Kidget29 and thepunkrockinchick :cheer This is going to be so much FUN!
  8. I'm off to go outside:wbrr to get things ready for the that's headed my way
  9. 2 great big thank you's go to a wonderful elf in MO ... Thank you #1 for the lovely Christmas card you sent to me a while back , I thought I thanked you but i didn't Thank you #2..... for the fantastic coffee mug and the little note inside the card:hug The mug is navy blue with a gold anchor on it ,it's my favorite Navy mug because it doesn't have Navy written on it
  10. Thank you to two wonderful Elfs Elf #1 is from OH and sent some yummy tea my way Elf #2 is from Poland and sent me some tea also and a Moje Robotki crochet mag :manyheartThank you both for warming me up on a cold MI day!
  11. Thank's everyone ...... Kidget sure knows how to spoil someone:c9
  12. :cheerI'm so glad that you liked everything Enjoy & Happy Holiday's
  13. It was me Boy does kidget know how to spoil someone ! I think kidget is a angel that was sent my way .... the day I found out that I was Dec's winner I was really down with what was going on with sailor son#1 that's why I couldn't say I was the winner ..... yesterday I recieved my package and also found out that sailors son's ship pulled back into Japan (his homeport) ... now you know why kidgets my angel on earth :manyheartThank you so much kidget for everything:manyheart
  14. A great big thank you to my partner Angel55057 for all of the wonderful pressie's I've been eyeing the pattern book she picked out for me for a while and I'm so excited to get started on one of the doilies in 2011 ( there's a cute little story about the pattern book but that's our secret ) :hugThank you agian Angel55057 Almost forgot to mention the coffee cup with your state on it broke during shipping :(I blame it on the frigid weather here in MI
  15. :hugThank you to 2 wonderful elves for brightening up my day ..... we've had a household of sickies here even my computer got sick ( it's all better now) .......... Dear Elves please don't tell Santa to put me on his naughty list for taking this long to thank the 2 of you Elf #1 is from AZ and sent me a mug rug with a bag of tea and a candy bar (the candy was eaten right away) Elf #2 is working from NJ and had a bunch of lovely goodies for me (the heart tea strainer has gotten a work out from the whole family) A great big thank you for the lovely note inside your card for my Sailor Sons and all the blank note cards
  16. Yours was sent out this afternoon DeLaine I had a blast getting eeverything together for you! Enjoy & Happy Holidays
  17. :thinkI just went to my spam folder .......and had a wonderful surprise!!!! :hugA "ville" elf surprised me with the pattern of the Owl earflap hat from Inner Hooker that was on my list on the 26th :hookI'm printing it off right now and plan to get started making one for my grandson along with a matching one for his soon to be little brother (dil's due end of Dec beg Jan) .... I know the hats will be a big hit in Japan Thank you to my mystery elf :hug
  18. :hugThank you to 2 wonderful elfs Elf #1 sent me a yummy recipe for Grandmoms Rich Rice pudding Elf#2 sent me a package of bath salts and a bar of homemade bay rum soap
  19. :wreathOwl earlap hat .........Granted :2snowmanCrochet cotton or soft yarn :wreathChocolate :2snowmanFlaovored tea or coffee :wreathOld fashioned glass ornaments for my tree :2snowmanEdgerydoo ...... this would be great for my work at the senior center :wreathAny patterns you no longer want .... I can do charted :2snowmanUnique blank cards or stationary ..... I have 3 sons in the Military :wreathI love surprises Things to pamper me .......calgon take me away
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