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  1. Santa's elf's are busy wrapping all of Lorraine's goodies so that they can take her stocking to the post office tomorrow
  2. Thank you to an Elf from KY for the Christmas card and skien of white fun fur
  3. Fantastic package!!! I'm still waiting for a little something I ordered online for Sue then I can put everthing together and send it her way
  4. All of my shopping is done .... todays mission is to find a box to put everything into
  5. :cheer My Stocking came in today :cheer The penquin is so cute on it !!!! My penquin soap pump is already in the upstairs bathroom :hugThank you so much Lorraine for everything
  6. What wonderful stockings!!!!!! I just got back from doing some shopping for Lorraine and I still have $1.00 to spend
  7. I forgot to mention I finnished up another little goodie today for Sue and am starting to see the end of a special goodie Keeping my fingers crossed that something I ordered online comes in this week
  8. I spent my first dollar today on Lorraine .... good news is I still have $9 to spend :cheer:clap I finnished up another little goodie today
  9. One of Santa's elfs surprised me with the "Abominable snowman" Hat pattern :ty:ty:hug
  10. Sue is a real STINKER!!!!!!! I have the greatest swap partner around , she went and surprised me with this pattern
  11. I was going to list everything ........but I'd be here all day
  12. I plan on doing all my shopping in my pj's at home :lol:lol
  13. The wonderful "Marine Science Center" coffee cup with a sea on it :manyheart Thank you so much for everything Sue!!!!!! Picture time:
  14. I love being one of Santa's Elf's ... I've already seen a couple wishes I can grant A Christmas card from you White fun fur .... wait any color will do Abominable Snowman Hat pattern Granted Crochet cotton Hot colored pens or gel pens ........... I write to 2 of sailor sons stationed overseas a lot Chocolate Things to pamper me with ..... Calgon take me away Anything handmade by you Windchimes Gift cards --- Joanns or Amazon
  15. I had a BIG box waiting for me last night from Sue when I got home from a wedding and boy did she spoil me :hugThank you soooo much Sue for everything ... lots of neat little surprises I'll be posting pictures and listing everything tomorrow morning , my house is a madhouse right now ... Lions are playing downstairs ( hubby & son # 3 and his friends) and Zelda upstairs ( Amelia and friends). No place for mom to lay out everything to take a picture Thanks agian Sue ..... I used one goodie this morning with my coffee
  16. :eek I just finished another little goodie for you last night and your package to me is aready on it's way :eek I plan on doing some shopping for you this weekend hopefully what I want to get is in stock
  17. My partners stocking is done except for the hanger .... was getting ready to see how much I could stuff into it then relized ther was no hanger Money spent so far "ZERO"
  18. Hope everyone is feeling better today!!!! I have today off of work and plan on some goodies for Sue in between doing housework. Still have to do a bit more shopping then I get to wrap up everything
  19. I have today off of work ... here's the plan for the day, sew stuff on then cuff of between housework
  20. :eek I'm still working on your stocking!!!!! I'm down to the last piece, tomorrow is sewing the pieces on then onto the last step Just printed off the recipe for your apple pie in a bag can't wait to try it
  21. :eek I'm still working on yours and have to do my shopping :eek I'm comeing to your house for Thanksgiving .... I love pies!!! What type are you making for me this year
  22. I'm just now getting over a bad head cold that's why I havn't been here the last few days I was able to do some off and on for Sue and had a few elfs do some shopping for me
  23. I'm just now getting over a bad head cold ..... that's why I havn't been here the last few days ........ I can't wait to see everyones stockings!!! I figured out what I was doing wrong now only have 1 more piece to do on cratfylady1956's 's stocking parts then it's building time My hubby & daughter were out shopping and picked up a little something for my partner .... I didn't buy it so I still havn't spent anything
  24. I've been frogging the part that I'm working on now so many times I lost count! Keeping my fingers crossed that I can get it figured out this morning I'm waiting for the mail man to deliver something I ordered before the swap should be here this weekend..... so far money spent ZERO
  25. My yarn came in today and it's simply oh soooo soft Thank you so much Maggi for having this contest
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