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  1. Thank you to a new friend in FL for a bunch of novelty yarns :c9


    She sent me:

    4 nobo no boundries ... lovely shades of blue, pink, soft yellow , pale green and purple varigated

    1 Papyrus de fiber in liclac and also 1 in a teal color

    1 Patons allure in sable color

    1 Moda Dea in midnight

    And if that wasn't enough she also sent me a skein of pink cashmire by anny blatt :manyheart


    :hug Thank you sooooo much to my new friend in FL :hug


    It came in the mail yesterday but my daughter forgot to give it to me :P

  2. I'm so excited I've been looking forward to this!


    My Ravelry ID is FMH


    1. Page protectors .. I'm trying to get all my printed patterns organized :P


    2. Gel pens .... I'm a letter writer ( 3 sailor son's)


    3. Fun fur or any novelty yarn you no longer need or want .... any color is fine with me.


    4. Chunky, bulky, or super bulky yarn you no longer need or want .... any color is fine with me.


    5. Very Versatile Bonnet gifted by a wonderful friend


    6. Fuzzy Parka Hoodie


    7. Crochet Superman and Batman Diaper Cover


    8. Pumpkin Hat


    9. Surpise me ..... I love surpises !!!


    10. Any type of chocolate :D

  3. 2 great big thank you's go to a wonderful elf in MO ...

    Thank you #1 for the lovely Christmas card you sent to me a while back , I thought I thanked you but i didn't :(

    Thank you #2..... for the fantastic coffee mug and the little note inside the card:hug The mug is navy blue with a gold anchor on it ,it's my favorite Navy mug because it doesn't have Navy written on it :D

  4. :hugThank you to 2 wonderful elves for brightening up my day :hug..... we've had a household of sickies here even my computer got sick ( it's all better now) :clap .......... Dear Elves please don't tell Santa to put me on his naughty list for taking this long to thank the 2 of you


    :manyheart Elf #1 is from AZ and sent me a mug rug with a bag of tea and a candy bar (the candy was eaten right away):hug


    :manyheart Elf #2 is working from NJ and had a bunch of lovely goodies for me (the heart tea strainer has gotten a work out from the whole family):hug A great big thank you for the lovely note inside your card for my Sailor Sons and all the blank note cards




  5. :thinkI just went to my spam folder .......and had a wonderful surprise!!!!


    :hugA "ville" elf surprised me with the pattern of the Owl earflap hat from Inner Hooker that was on my list on the 26th :hug


    :hookI'm printing it off right now and plan to get started making one for my grandson along with a matching one for his soon to be little brother (dil's due end of Dec beg Jan) .... I know the hats will be a big hit in Japan :manyheart


    Thank you to my mystery elf :hug:hug

  6. :wreathOwl earlap hat .........Granted :hug


    :2snowmanCrochet cotton or soft yarn




    :2snowmanFlaovored tea or coffee


    :wreathOld fashioned glass ornaments for my tree


    :2snowmanEdgerydoo ...... this would be great for my work at the senior center


    :wreathAny patterns you no longer want .... I can do charted


    :2snowmanUnique blank cards or stationary ..... I have 3 sons in the Military


    :wreathI love surprises


    :2snowman Things to pamper me .......calgon take me away

  7. Happy, Happy Holiday in June! This sounds like so much fun :yay


    1. Black #10 crochet thread

    2. Crochet cotton ... any color

    3. This Tea cozy pattern ...... granted

    4. Tea Pot

    5. Blank note cards or unique stationary ... I have 3 sons in the Military

    6. Any thread patterns or magizines you no longer want ..... I can do charted :manyheart

    7. Surprise me ..... I love surprises

    8. Goodies to put in care packages to send to our troops ....packets of drink mixes that you put into bottled water (kool-aid, crystal light, wylers etc),DVD's (no bootleg or porno)


    Thank you for looking ...... off to see what I can grant

  8. :2snowman Handmade snowflakes to put in Christmas cards to our troops overseas ( I already have 25 made I need 30 more) I am a proud Navy Mom of 3 Sailors


    :2snowman Picture frames


    :2snowman Crochet cotton


    :2snowman=tags&includes[]=title"]Crochetroos turtle bookmark pattern for my daughter

    Granted ...... Thank you Holiday Elf


    :2snowman Bookmark or dishcloth patterns .... used is fine


    :2snowman This pattern from Cape Cod Originals ... bunny


    :2snowman Anything to pamper me with ... calgon take me away


    :2snowman I love chocolate !!!!


    :2snowman Any Clover Soft Touch steel crochet hook


    :2snowman I love surpises



    Have A Safe & Happy Holiday

  9. Happy, Happy Holiday's In July!


    :sheepxmas1. Sugar & Cream or Peaches & Cream ... any color is fine with me


    :sheepxmas2. Simply Soft yarn ...... any color


    :sheepxmas3. Crochet thread size 10 .... any color even white or ecru


    :sheepxmas4. Doily or thread bookmark patterns


    :sheepxmas5. Chocolate ..... any kind


    :sheepxmas6. Something handmade by you ;)


    :sheepxmas7. Unique stationary or blank note cards ..... I have 3 sons in the Military and I write them alot


    :sheepxmas8. Anything to pamper me & relieve stress.....Calgon take me away


    :sheepxmas9. Clover Soft Touch Steel Crochet Hooks


    :sheepxmas10. Surprise me ..... I LOVE surprises

  10. My WIP's


    1. I'm working on a tablecloth for my son's wedding present

    2. Working on some bookmarks for my daughters class to send to there pen pals 6 made 19 more to make

    3. Look for some Easter or spring time doily's to send to my sons

    4. Towel toppers for Easter Gifts

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