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    Marietta, GA
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    crocheting, knitting, reading, gardening
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    Not currently employed. Enjoying some time at home for a while.
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    very intricate thread projects
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    Since I was 16 years old. A LONG time.
  1. No one ever taught me but I was inspired by my Grandma. She did the most amazing thread work and never used a pattern in her life. She made bedspreads, tablecloths, and edgings on linens. She is still going at 95 and none of her children or grandchildren have ever used a towel or washcloth that isn't edged with crochet. She has been giving them to us as gifts all our lives. But I taught myself how to crochet and how to knit. Just bought a How To book and some hooks and thread and learned by trial and error.
  2. Hi Mominator, welcome to the forum. I know what you mean about finding good patterns. The old toilet paper cozies and air freshener dolls are so TACKY. I also don't need any more afghan or baby patterns. Some publications specialize in these types of cutesy projects. Each to her own, but those just aren't for me. (like tunisian crochet isn't for me either!) On the newsstands in the larger bookstores like Borders you can usually find a good selection of magazines with fashionable up-to-date patterns. Magazines are a lot cheaper than books. I don't usually get patterns online but
  3. Okay, not to step on anyone's toes here, but I truly HATE tunisian crochet. Not necessarily because it "gives me a pain", I just flat out hate it. I hate doing it and I hate the way it looks. If I'm gonna knit, I knit....If I'm gonna crochet, I crochet. But this thing that is not quite either one and really isn't fun to do, forget about it!
  4. Good question. I would place myself as advanced, maybe even learning toward expert. I think what distinguishes an expert is the ability to take crochet to the next level in creativity and innovation. Pattern designers who push the envelope with their designs and unique uses of technique are "experts". People who can interpret these designs and recreate them from a pattern (regardless of how difficult that pattern may be) are "almost experts" which is where I consider myself to be. Having said that, I have made my own patterns including some unusual and novelty items. I have repaired a
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