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  1. These are a couple of thread items I made for my Christmas tree. Like many crocheters, I have always toyed with the idea of submitting designs for publication. I have a written pattern for the crocheted candle. What do you guys think?
  2. I never starch or stiffen my doilies either unless for a specific purpose such as molding it into a shape for a novelty item (like a basket or a hat, etc.) or maybe for framing. For "normal" doily use, I actually think they are better if they have some drape.
  3. lisalu

    My WIP...

    Love it! That is the kind of pattern I really enjoy knitting.
  4. lisalu

    I'm in LOVE!!!

    Sounds like a great gift! Enjoy!
  5. You asked about how many stitches there are in knitting. There are only two - knit and purl. Everything else is a combination of those two stitches. I would have her show you how to make all the different kinds of increases and decreases. Those can be tricky at first. Also have her show you kitchener stitch which is really easy but can be hard to grasp by following written directions when you are just beginning. Have her show you how to seam. Finishing is as important as the actual knitting. Have her show you how to set up on DPNs which again is easy once you get the hang of it but can be awkward when you're learning. Good luck! Have fun with your lessons!
  6. Good first project! Keep up the good work. Your tension will even out with practice. Binding off isn't such a bugaboo! You literally can't mess it up. The main thing that will make it easier is to keep the tension loose so it is easy to pull the stitch over. I often bind off with a larger needle for this very reason. Now make the mate!
  7. I'm just offering some advice here, okay? A stockinette blanket won't be very nice, even if you add a crocheted border. If you can do stockinette (knit stitches and purl stitches) then you can do a stitch pattern with a little textural interest that will be much nicer than plain stockinette stitch. Ideally you want something REVERSIBLE for a blanket. That could be seed st, moss st, garter st or some combination of these. A simple block design or basketweave stitch would be easy and reversible and actually MORE FUN TO KNIT! Believe me, an entire blanket of stockinette stitch will be very boring to knit, kind of along the lines of doing an entire blanket in single crochet.
  8. Here is a suggestion: You don't need a pattern! This is about as simple as it gets, so think outside the box and crochet your own. I say this in all sincerity, not to be flippant. So many crocheters/knitters are afraid to just pick up the hook, needles and yarn and make something without a pattern. But what satisfaction you will get from working it out yourself. I'm not saying I never use patterns, of course I do. If I see a beautiful pattern that I want to make, I make it. After all the designer has done all the work and now I can follow the pattern and reproduce it. But if you want to make a very simple item like this then why not just pick up your hook and give it a try? You might surprise yourself at what you can do and get your creative juices flowing a little bit.
  9. No offense, but those are "ugly". The ones in Interweave Crochet are beautiful, classic ballet slippers, almost like the real thing. Done in thread and beaded.
  10. Interweave Crochet, January 2005 has a beautiful pair of ballet slippers which lace up with ribbons.
  11. I am partial to the Harmony Guides (both knit and crochet)
  12. Even though I'm not making the exact same pattern, I have the same problem with a similar pattern. What a stupid way to finish off a stockinette edge anyway, ya know what I mean? You might as well just do a rolled edge.....
  13. I just knitted a baby sweater with the exact same problem. It called for just one row of sc around the bottom edge and neck edge. I did the sc on the right side and it still curls, so I'm wondering whether to pull it out and sc on the wrong side. I'm not sure it will make that much difference. You try it and let me know how it works out! LOL
  14. lisalu

    What is a M1

    Sometimes we need a little shot of testosterone here on the forum!
  15. lisalu

    What is a M1

    M1 is Make One. The most invisible way to do this is to use the right needle to lift up the horizontal yarn between the two needles (stretch the needles apart slightly so you can see it) and put it on the left needle. Now knit through the BACK loop of that new stitch (if you don't knit through the back loop you will have a hole). This increase is almost completely invisible, quick and easy to do.
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