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  1. I don't have to hide anything or justify it in any way, even though I have no income of my own my Beloved is happy for me to spend what I want on what I want so long as the bills are paid first. He's the best
  2. oh, your socks are lovely I'm learning to knit socks too
  3. I often check youtube for help when I'm stuck on a technique
  4. Thank you She should get it next week, I hope she likes it as much as I do
  5. WOW!! Meg they are fabulous I love how they all have a story with meaning too.
  6. link to the free pattern. http://www.caron.com/vickiehowell/patterns/bohemian_shawl/bohemian_shawl.html I made this recently for my friend Lynda. She wanted a nice wrap that would stay in place. This one fits the bill perfectly as the shaping means it stays on your shoulders. I used a 6.5mm hook and 8 strands of superfine yarn in 3 colours, a brown ombre,a golden boucle and the rest a kind of mango/orange shade. It's supposed to look like the colours of Autumn. I think it does I didn't do the edging specified in the pattern, I just did a simple sc edging on it.
  7. I use wig clips like these http://www.lace-front-wig.com/accessories/lace_wig_clips.html I haven't had any of my creations fall off of my head yet
  8. Congratulations to you both one of our members Apak posted these recently that would make pretty table decorations although I think you'd have to use the battery operated tealights. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=135211 My eldest son gets married in 2012 so I'm also looking for pretty little things to make to help out with decor.
  9. kookaloo_starr


    Yeh, you read that right I came across a free pattern on Ravelry for a beard and as my younger sister is a really good sport and a total nutcase I thought she might appreciate one You're supposed to add toggles to each end so it can be worn with any crocheted hat but for now I just used hairgrips poked through and into my hair.
  10. That is a beautiful tribute to your Grandma and an extremely thoughtful gift for your Mom. I'm sure she will cherish it.
  11. I'm actually planning on making these for my sister and sister in law they go kayaking with the beardie blokes and want to fit in
  12. It's your time to "waste" in whatever way you see fit I'm one of the lucky ones in that my hubby encourages me in all of my hobbies even when rolling his eyes and biting his tongue because he can't use the kitchen table because it has my sewing on it or he sits on the sofa and gets a hook jab him from a wip lying around
  13. Very pretty, I'm sure your Mom will love it
  14. ch3 CLUSTER in the next single. (there should be an explanation for the cluster somewhere on the pattern) ch1 skip the next single double crochet in the single after the one you've skipped. ch1 skip 1 Cluster in the next st ch1 sk1 dc in sc ch1 sk1 and cluster again repeat the "cluster,ch1,sk1,dc,ch1,sk1" until the end of the row and single in your last stitch. you should have 16 clusters by the end of your row. hope that helps
  15. Welcome back love, light & solstice greetings x
  16. Now that is a fabulous gift from the sunshine state!
  17. They're lovely they are one of my favourite "between project" projects
  18. one of my dance troupe is decorating her corner of the office in an Anti-Christmas theme this year. She has black tinsel and "bah, humbug" baubles so I made these to send along to her The black & red metallic thread is quite a bit thicker than what I would normally use for snowflakes but it looked so much nicer than just plain red & black thread.
  19. Hello Mrs Davey welcome to Crochetville. Which great bit of Britain are you in? I'm in Nottinghamshire. I don't know if this will be any help to you but I found an errata page for Grace Kaplans stockings. http://www.koolerdesign.com/downloads/CrochetXmasStock_4032_p6.pdf I'm currently making snowflakes for winter holiday gifts
  20. Thanks for all the positive feedback Thanks for that tip I have beading string in my stash too so I won't be at a loss if I run out of floss.
  21. I'm so happy with how this turned out I just had to share with you all. Made from this free pattern - My Pretty Poppet.http://ghilie.wordpress.com/tutorials/ Poppet is a Nekomimi - a cat girl She has a pose-able tail, stuffed with craft wire wrapped in ribbon with the ends looped over so there's no sharp ends. I traced it out at 125% and she came out as 26" tall Her arms and legs are jointed using metal shank buttons and dental floss (Mmmmm minty ) All materials were what I had in my stash so she has cost the grand total of £0 and lots of love her shoes are baby booties I made from free upholstery samples of faux suede. Her skirt and top are jersey with lace trim. No pattern for those. For her hair I crocheted a wig base, pulled strands of yarn through like making tassels on a scarf all the way around the bottom and then made a chain the length of her head from forehead to nape adding strands of yarn to each side for her ponytails. The chain made up her centre parting. She will be a Giftmas present for my 3 year old granddaughter, Lily. Thanks for looking
  22. Thank you all for the nice comments I have sewn beads onto some of them once finished, I didn't think to crochet them in as I went along I'm working on some gold snowflakes at the moment for my sons girlfriends tree, I'm not sure if I will add beads to those as they're already sparkly.
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