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  1. I started with this one. My grandma taught it to me and that was how I learned. Then when I really picked up knitting I use the knitt on cast on and for socks the long tail cast on.
  2. rstultz

    My very 1st!

    I think it is a really neat idea, especially for those like me who can't sit still long. And some times just don't have the attention span for a pattern.
  3. Tip- For the long tail cast on wrap your yarn loosely around the needle once for each stitch your casting on. Make your slipknot, then slide the wrapped yarn off the needle and use it for your cast on tail. I give myself an extra inch or two. Try it with just a few stiches and see how it works, I love it.
  4. rstultz

    My very 1st!

    It is addicting. I can picture my self drafting in the car. Have you seen people spinning with just a hook? Imagine you could do that in the car. Check it out. The post is about in the middle. Spinning with a hooky stick. I'm gonna try it.
  5. rstultz

    My very 1st!

    Adventually. The two pictures I posted really wernt enough for anything. I am getting some more fiber any day and will get back to work.
  6. rstultz

    My very 1st!

    The link from interweave is great. Photos make all the differance to me. Thank you.
  7. These also are the sample socks. There is a web site link on Ralvery that has donation sites for them if you don't have a little one around. They happen to fit my 13 month old perfect! I have never done a toe up sock. On my list to conqure. Well here they are....
  8. rstultz

    My very 1st!

    That you for the links and all the encouraging words. I can't wait until my orders of fiber come in.
  9. Its really easy. Your post on sock inspired me to make more. This is my 2nd pair. The first pair was done on dp's I posted pics of them here. Getting use to the cable takes a little but I think it is worth it. After making a few more pairs I think I will try 2 at a time w/ 2 kneedles.
  10. Thanks, I am now working the foot.
  11. rstultz

    My very 1st!

    Roving, sometimes called top or sliver, is wool that has been washed, combed, and carded, as well as sometimes dyed, into a thick rope to be spun. My FGM gave them to me, so no I didn't dye them. The spindle is a Top whorl drop spindle, not sure where she got it. I think off e-bay.
  12. rstultz

    My very 1st!

    These are from the samples of rovings that my FGM sent me. Well here it is..... This is the start of the 2nd attemt..... I just ordered some more roving. I can not wait.
  13. I started these for my son. This is my first 2 at a time. I am really happy with how they are coming along. I am using Merino #5.
  14. I am wanting to scream. Some one help me. It just is not working. The roving doesn't want to pull, when I pull hard it will break.
  15. rstultz

    Where to start

    Great site! I am going to spend some time looking at it. Thank You.
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