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  1. Hello and welcome from near Winston Salem.
  2. All weights would be great but I can understand if you started off with one or two. Oh and more colors would be grate too. I know what Mary Jo would use it for.
  3. Hi from another NC crocheter. If you knit with the same types of yarns that you crochet with and it doesn't bother you then something else is going on. Have you tried different yarns? Certain brands can sometimes bother me. Are you crocheting in a certain place that you dont otherwise sit at? Maybe it is something around you and not the yarn.
  4. Those are so cool. What a great idea.
  5. Too bad I don't have paypal. I love that bunny and know one very cute little boy who would love it too.
  6. What a great "problem" to have. So many options. Whenever I find myself with lots of stash I like to make baby things and afghans for charities. This time of year many shelters can use hats, scarves, mittens, and blankets.
  7. I love it. Hey have you ever found any Alice in wonderland fabric? I have been looking all over for some. Want my sister to quilt me a purse from it but I cant find any. I would make it but I dont sew at all.
  8. Beautiful I am so going to have to make one of these someday.
  9. I have been looking for this too, Haven't found it yet but will let you know if Ido.
  10. OH JIMBO! I Love the trees!!!! Whoville is alive and well!
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