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  1. Very nice. I love it.
  2. Hello and welcome from near Winston Salem.
  3. Love it. Reminds me of walking through the woods right after a icy snowy day and the sun has just come out.All the beautiful blues of the ice on the trees.
  4. Wow. I love the colors.
  5. All weights would be great but I can understand if you started off with one or two. Oh and more colors would be grate too. I know what Mary Jo would use it for.
  6. OMG I almost forgot to post my THANK You to a very special FL elfette for the beautiful angel pin. I wore her to work today and was afraid to take her off for fear she would disappear. She made a huge hit. I got so many compliments on her. THANK YOU TO MY SWEET FL ANGEL HERSELF!
  7. I think it is this computer not the camera. This notebook is very limited in its ability. I can forget any video with this thing.
  8. After a particularly tough day at work it was so nice to come home and find a package waiting for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH AMBER. I LOVE IT!!! If I can ever get this computer to learn to play nice with my camera I will post a picture because you have got to see the beautiful scarf, snowflakes, gorgeous earrings (going to wear those to work tomorrow) yummy dark chocolate (my fave) cute puppy card and last but not least the most adorable miniature crochet teddy bear you have ever laid eyes on. I so have to get this camera and computer to work together because you have got to see the work this woman does. Gorgeous. The scarf is in cream, dark purple and brown and is so soft and warm. The snowflakes are perfect and are going on right my tree. The earrings are a dangle type with little bits of beaded color on them. Sorry horrible description but believe me they are amazing. Those of you that know me know I am very found of anything miniature as it is my favorite thing to crochet but I cant even begin to describe how adorable this little bear is. Amber if you took pictures of anything before you mailed it please post them. I really want them to see your work. THANKS SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS SEASON SO BRIGHT!!!! YOU TOTALLY MADE MY DAY!
  9. Hi from another NC crocheter. If you knit with the same types of yarns that you crochet with and it doesn't bother you then something else is going on. Have you tried different yarns? Certain brands can sometimes bother me. Are you crocheting in a certain place that you dont otherwise sit at? Maybe it is something around you and not the yarn.
  10. I want to thank a wonderful elf from MO who send me a card with my very first hand made snowflake for my tree to celebrate my first Christmas in NC. You have no idea how much that means to me. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!
  11. Another beauty but I too will leave this for others. Ladies I own a few Jimbo hooks and there is really no comparison. They are like holding a little piece of heaven in your hands.
  12. What great packages! I wish I would have had the time to join this one. I really enjoyed seeing all the creativity of the homemade stockings. We sure have a bunch of talented people here on the ville.
  13. Great package. Love the tree skirt. I think everyone outdid themselves with this swap. I had forgotten how fun this could be. Can't wait to do it again next year.
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