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  1. What a beautiful set. Thank you for sharing your patterns with us.
  2. Thanks again Darski for another great pattern. My great niece will love this one.
  3. Thanks Darski for another great doll pattern. I love all your patterns and have made many of them for my niece's daughter. Every time I make her a new one she asks me when I will make more. Three year olds are cute but boy can she get demanding.
  4. What a cute pattern. Thanks so much for sharing. I am going to have to make this for my great niece for Christmas.
  5. Thank you for sharing the pattern with us Darski. I think I have every one you have posted and have made about half of them for my great niece. I just love your patterns.
  6. What a cute doll. This set is adorable. Thank you for sharing it with us!
  7. Please go get this checked out. When my DH had his heart attack he had complained of the same sort of pain. We found out from the doctor that this could be a warning sign of some sort of blockage. I will pary that this is not the case with you but since no pain killers seem to be helping I would get it checked out just in case.
  8. Why not try writing to them to see if they sell just the pattern.
  9. I searched through all my old issues but no luck. Mine dont go back that far. Sorry.
  10. Thank you so much! This will be perfect for my sisters two min pins.
  11. I have made this with Teri before and it worked pretty well. I found a terri that was more on the sport weight to fingerling side that seems fairly nice. I have several green colored terri left as was going to use it to make hand towels for christmas.
  12. This is just what I need right now. My feet are frozen. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Boy could I use a pair of those right now. My feet are frozen!!!!!
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