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  1. This is the most gorgeous afghan that I have seen!! It took my breath away for a moment!! Congratulations!!
  2. I buy my plastic and metal 2" rings at Hobby Lobby.. The metal rings ($2.67 per 6 pcs) are with the macrame items.. the plastic ones are in the needlework section.
  3. These are NOT free but check Maggie's Crochet (Angel Doily item #K151) It is beautiful .. also Bella Crochet has a "Tidings of Joy" Angel Doily.. Hope that this info helps....
  4. Congratulations on your purchase!! I have wanted to buy one for the longest time, and I just made my mind that I will order one!! Thanks for the info in where to get one. To RoseRed: I mainly crochet doilies and I have always put the thread's wrapper inside the cone or tubular cavity of the ball. It is very important to me to have the info about brands and lot number as I use different brands.. Would NOT have put the wrapper as you suggested while making the "yarn cakes" so for the tip!! It is great!!!
  5. From a pineapple lover here!! your doily is beautiful!!
  6. When I saw that flag!! I got homesick!! Beautiful tote!! I KNOW that your client will love it!! I know I do!!
  7. Pineapples have been and always will be my favorite pattern to crochet on doilies. I do not crochet a lot with yarn but have donated many granny squares for charity. There are so many gorgeous projects to be made but I have never tackle a project, afraid about the "joining' process!!
  8. This is absolutely gorgeous!! I like your version much better!! as I love flowers!! :rose:rose
  9. A quick note to let Tiffer 93 that the GORGEOUS jewelry set arrived a few minutes ago!! The picture on post #1 does not do justice to its beauty!! I was so excited about winning something, that I did not realize that it was a 4 piece set!! I will wear it proudly and always give you credit for the gift!! Thanks again!!
  10. OMG!! I just read the message that says that I WON the price donated by tiffer 93!! I have NEVER won anything before so I am in cloud nine!! !! Thank you so much, tiffer 93.. I can't wait to receive such wonderful prize and thanks AMY for Crochetville and all it represents in our lives!! ... thanks to everybody that donated the gifts also. I t was a grand celebration!! and I am so happy to be a part of it!! Blessings to all...
  11. I want to congratulate Crochetville and wish a !! I also want to say for giving me so many hours of pure joy as I looked at the wonderful creations of members.. I have also cried over the loss of members, their pets, relatives or friends.. I have learned so many new techniques and short cuts and have accumulated tons of patterns (mostly doilies!!) while following the info given on the many post!! Crochetville is "Home"!!
  12. Congratulations and WELCOME to the wonderful world of Crochet!! My very first project was a KING size granny square blanket.. I was taught to make the basic granny and I was so excited, that I continued making squares until I had crochet a blanket. My husband got orders for Germany and I did not take the blanket with me..then it disappeared from the storage where I left it. It made me very sad to loose it. My second project and FIRST with crochet thread was a doily!! Got hooked on making doilies and I still have it!! and will NEVER give it away!! The doily is now 36 years old!! and still
  13. Eneida

    Rainbow Afghan

    Absolutely beautiful!!!
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