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  1. and thought it would be nice to hit a LYS there. Thanks in advance!
  2. Ditto. I quit a 2 pack per day habit in 1988. I wanted to quit. A lot of people WANT to have the desire to quit, but don't really want to quit. That makes quitting very, very difficult. I wanted to quit. And I did. Either way, good luck to your hubby.
  3. boo1

    a "rope" pattern

    I'd love to have the pattern. Or, if you can't find it, I'll just take the afghan!
  4. I'm in love with the colors!!!! Pretty bag!
  5. boo1


    I joined the Shawl Ministry at our church and I'm going next weekend to my first meeting. This might be a nice thing to make.
  6. BUT, I can't usually remember what I have, and even if I can, how much. When you have too much yarn, this sort of stuff happens!
  7. boo1

    New knitter

    If you're just doing the knit stitch, you'll be working in garter stitch. I would suggest a long skinny scarf with 2 or 3 colors, and some fringe. Enjoy!!!
  8. boo1

    Why I don't do ami's

    Cute!!!!! I love him!
  9. I especially love the scarf-beautiful work!
  10. boo1

    Learning to Knit

    This one is called "Oops: Correcting Your Knitting Mistakes". I'm not sure it wasn't written for me!
  11. boo1

    Learning to Knit

    Hobby Lobby. I've also seen them at Hancock Fabrics, ebay, and the LA website. I have a large screen TV and it sure makes it easy to see what they are doing!
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