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  1. Sorry everyone! I've been MIA for a long while from crochetville entirely! Major health issues with my husband. still working those out. didn't get the blanket done for grandma but i'm SO glad i didn't. Got to iowa saw her recently redecorated living room and the colors i chose would have clashed terribly! whew could have been bad! anyways hope to be back soon for more chit chat. just been too crazy here
  2. I highly recommend this book! I have found a lot of patterns in this book that I love! Especially when Barbara gives the a new light with different colors! Well I've come to terms with the fact that I'm not going to get Grandma's MAM done by the time I go back to Iowa for her Birthday (the 19th) DH has been having some health issues so things have been extra crazy around here so I haven't gotten much done on it in the last few days and I realized we leave Thursday and I have to do laundry and pack before then and work everyday until then! Barbara the finished MAM looks amazing, like always!
  3. :clap:clap Great Job on finishing! Can' wait to see pics!
  4. Which PL pattern are you working on? I am thinking about applying to be a coordinator for PL because there isn't one in my area. Deadline is the 28th so we will see....
  5. Any pics of progress? I have 6 strips completed and bordered, and 4 more that just need to be bordered, then 8 more to go!!! I can do it! I hope to posts pics on my day off (around friday!) I got my new mac and just setting things up and moving things over (way more work than i was anticipating) so once i get more organized i will have a lot more pics! Hows everyone else doing? can't wait to see progress pics! And to start on my next one!
  6. Wendy the video of the koala was darling! even caught DH attention! Linda the snowflakes look really nice! Trying to finish up a few things here (like 20!) so I can start a new quilt ghan to go with the ltka i'm working on...any suggestions of which one? Cara you need a pic of any? I'm not picky!
  7. 2nd page again?!?! oh well! I'm plugging away at my mam...needs to be done by the 19th and its looking pretty dim...may not get it done....but i am looking at what mam to start next! hahaha was at joann's the other day and really stocked up on caron pounders (like REALLY stocked up!) so i have a few more options as to what to start...need something that moves a little faster than this one! any suggestions? How are everyone else's going?
  8. OMG HE IS ADORABLE! You are a very lucky! Mine has been babbling for about 6 months now (she'll be 9 months on the 11th) and it still has no gotten old! Then she said "MAMA" the day after Christmas and I screamed! So cute! Enjoy him!
  9. Don't worry I"ve been working on other things too....neglecting my MAM! (That I need done by the 19th!!! ) One of which being the dreaded LTKA that Wendy sucked me into (sssshhh don't tell her but I LOVE IT and am totally addicted!) Slowly is better than none at all! Can't wait to see some pics! BTW love the TP toppers! And went to a different Joanns in my area and bought $200 in yarn! DH didn't want to let me in the car! It was mostly Caron pounders (which I have recently discover and absolutely love!) Pictures look fantastic! Love the arrowhead in thoes colors! Wasn't fond of it in the book but just like the other MAM you did you brought new light to it! Thanks for bumping us up! My new mac book will be here Friday ( Jumping up and down with excitement!) So once I'm all set on that I will be back here more often and bugging you all for more pics! Hopefully it won't interfere with my crochet/knitting time!
  10. Quick question. How many saltines can you get out of a skein with an I hook?
  11. WOO HOO! 2 years for us!! Well, I've only been here for a year of it or so but hey! 2 YEARS!!!! This is gorgeous! Where is this pattern at? OOOH can we see a pic! If I can show DH that I can crochet and exercise at the same time I might be able to convince him I need more yarn! Hope everyone is staying warm where its cold and cool where its hot! Wow confused myself...gonna be a long day!
  12. Can't wait to see it! Will be trying it hopefully this weekend on mine so I will be sure to post pics. Life is still crazy here. New computer hopefully this weekend. DH has had some stomach issues so we have been in and out of the drs office a lot in the last week and his doctor is an hour and 15 minutes from where we live so its usually an all day event. Hopefully on Friday for his next appt I can talk him into a little yarn shopping! Hope everyone's mams are going well! Can't wait to see more pics!
  13. Hugs to you dusti! I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage! I know that must be tough! Your Irish chain is gorgeous! Well done!
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